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Airan Bahmani: Finland eager to deepen arms trade collaboration with Israel

What makes all of this even less convincing is that precisely the Finnish-Israeli arms trade has had a lot of bad press

Joel Jaeger: Arms Trade Treaty Gains Momentum with 50th Ratification

With state support moving at an unprecedented pace, the Arms Trade Treaty will enter into force on Dec. 24, 2014, only 18 months after it was opened for signature

David Swanson: In Ferguson and Beyond, Militarism Is a Public Safety Crisis

Peace and justice organizations in St. Louis, Mo. and across the country are calling for collective action this Saturday, August 16, 2014

Winslow Myers: Global Climate Change and Nuclear Abolition Are One Issue

Marshall Island citizens file lawsuit to force action for climate change and total nuclear disarmament

John Lasker: The Race to Militarize Space

Space weapons are lurking beneath a small town near you

Norman Finkelstein: On Nuclear Weapons

Interview on wasting money on nuclear weapons

Gareth Porter: U.S. Adopts Israeli Demand in Nuclear Talks

The demand for negotiations on Iran’s missile program originated with Israel, both directly and through Senate Foreign Relations Committee members committed to AIPAC’s agenda

: The Horrors of Reality: Moments & Perceptions of Imperial Civilized Life

The Horrors of Reality: Moments & Perceptions of Imperial Civilized Life Jonathan Gillis 23 June 2013 Cultural Supremacy & Cultural Supremacists One example of the horrors of reality engineered by dominant culture is that a conservatively estimated 3.1 million children, nearly half of who are under 5, die every year because of malnutrition.[1] What can Read more…

Kate Hudson: ‘Urgent Need’ for WMD-Free Zone in Middle East

  Many people see the idea of a WMD-free zone in the Middle East as a utopian dream but the tensions and hostilities there only make the initiative more crucial, writes CND general secretary Recent tensions in the Middle East have brought into focus the urgent need for robust regional agreements which outlaw the possession Read more…

: Jeju Islanders fight for their lives

"I have been working for 30 years as a movie critic. Through movies I saw the world. Through movies I realized the truth… When you realize that, what will you do? What will you do when you find the truth?"   "I want to keep the beauty of nature within my body. That thought engulfs Read more…

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