Category: Civil Liberties

John Pilger: Assange: The Untold Story of an Epic Struggle for Justice

While this farce and judicial scandal continue the reputation of Sweden is diminished and the shadow of America’s menace touches us all

Christian Parenti: The Making of the American Police State

How did we end up with millions behind bars and police armed like soldiers?

Cynthia Peters: Actually, It’s Never Okay to Spank

But it’s not enough to micromanage parents’ behaviors; we need system-wide change that supports parents to do the hard work of raising children.

Ajamu Nangwaya: Unmasking Police Violence Against African-Canadians in Toronto

Police operate in the neighborhoods like an occupation army

Sam Husseini: How #AllLivesMatter and #BlackLivesMatter Can Devalue Life

Both impulses in their best form would argue to seriously scrutinize the U.S. government’s role as global rogue cop — a “cop” more dangerous than the most violent, racist police operating in the U.S. today

Carl Finamore: San Francisco Too Valuable for Poor People

Landlords behaving badly

Jack Murtha: Why the Laura Poitras case is bigger than you think

These systemic delays in responding to requests have really hampered the ability of journalists to use FOIA as a tool

Justin Podur: The state murder of an activist

Sandra Bland’s killing exposes the impunity of US police more starkly than ever

Matt Taibbi: Sandra Bland Was Murdered

Suicide or not, police are responsible for Sandra Bland’s death

Erika Eichelberger: How Racist Is Solitary Confinement?

Black and Hispanic inmates are vastly more likely to be punished with solitary confinement than their white counterparts, and less likely to receive diagnoses of mental illness

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