Category: Civil Liberties

Paul Street: Ferguson Reflections: Race, Class, and the Crisis of Democracy

The real Looters of America are in the suites, not the streets

Badri Raina: Troubled Times for the Constitutional Republic

It will be crucial to see in the days to come how segments of the corporate class who exerted enormously to bring about the present government in India may evaluate these developments

Ryan Devereaux: A Night in Ferguson

Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas, and a Jail Cell

Deirdre Smith: Why the Climate Movement Must Stand with Ferguson

It was not hard for me to make the connection between the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri, and the catalyst for my work to stop the climate crisis

Danny Schechter: The Snowden Scenario

Edward Snowden is the most wanted and most admired whistleblower of our time

Thomas Adams: Ferguson Violence Exposes America’s Political Decay

There is a deeper problem in American life – the utter decimation of a politics capable of changing the immediate and underlying facts that led to the tragic murder of Michael Brown

Ben Dangl: Overkill: How the Pentagon Militarized the US Police Force

Much of the equipment used by police forces on the streets of America today is in fact directly from the US military

Ron Daniels: The Killing of Black Men Continues

When will it stop?

George Ciccariello-Maher: Ferguson: Breaking Out Of Post-Racial Hypnosis

Police violence here is not an abstract or universal phenomenon. It is a phenomenon that has focused on certain peoples and certain “problem” populations

Nadia Prupis: ‘This is the Story of Power in this Country’

Ferguson, Institutionalized Racism and the Militarization of Police

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