Category: Civil Liberties

Cory Doctorow: “I Am Skeptical That Capitalism Has a Future”

Interview on the surveillance state, Edward Snowden, and the core values of a utopian society

Leonard Peltier: My 40 Years in Prison

Looking back on the 40 years of efforts on my behalf, I am overwhelmed and humbled

Frida Berrigan: Time spent in Guantánamo is time no one gets back — whether soldier or prisoner

All those innocent men released from Guantánamo and still struggling to find their footing in strange lands — and still struggling to heal from severe trauma

Jonathan Cook: The Liberal Hounding of Julian Assange: From Alex Gibney to The Guardian

A grand jury has been secretly arraigned in Virginia, the home of the CIA, that is dredging up long-discarded laws to charge him with espionage, even though he is not a US citizen

William Barber: The Strange Career of James Crow, Esquire

After the Supreme Court razed the Voting Rights Act in 2013, Jim Crow came skulking back to the South

Norman Pollack: Infanticide: A Policy Choice

This is the story of Flint, a nightmare of prostituted government (literally) in the service of money via a context of political-structural debasement

Preeti Kaur: Child Neglect, Abuse, and Torture in the UK?

Shocking footage at a youth custody center in England highlights the growing decay of detention facilities in the U.K.

Marina Sitrin: Black Lives Matter Interrupts Business as Usual

It is a movement that interrupts business as usual, and our collective preconceived ideas of what it means to build a movement and be a society in movement

Sean Crawford: The Flint Water Crisis from the Ground Up

Flint is a laboratory, a place so dispossessed that the right wing feels emboldened to experiment with little fear of repercussions

Kevin Blowe: The rise of militarised policing

The Network for Police Monitoring says the police are acting more like an army of occupation

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