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We now have an online school. The first 8 week session for April/May is proceeding.  Faculty for ZSchool so far includes: Michael Albert, Bridget Anderson, Patrick Bond, Avi Chomsky, Rosa Clemente, Bill Fletcher, Eva Gollinger, Andrej Grubacic, Arun Gupta, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Bruno Jantti, Kathy Kelly, Harpreet Paul, Justin Podur, Jack Rasmus, Jerome Roos, Chris Spannos, Paul Street, and Tom Vouloumanos.

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Recent Graphics

C Purandar: the incompatibles
C Purandar: Glory to Maharashtra
C Purandar: all our prophets…
C Purandar: we are all voyeurs
C Purandar: media and us
C Purandar: Iraq 2003
C Purandar: Afghanistan 2011
C Purandar: Autumn 2001
C Purandar: off to kill someone else’s father

acrylic on canvas, 590mmX890mm year of the painting – 2003

\\\\R\\\ Addison\: peace-warrior

would like a technician's aid…thank

Martha Rosenberg: 14 Years of Hooking Patients, Hiking Premiums and Squeezing Docs: Television Drug Advertising

  Can anyone remember life before Ask Your Doctor ads on TV?   All you knew about prescription drugs were creepy ads in a JAMA at the doctor's office with a lot of fine print. Even if you knew the name of a drug, you'd never ask your doctor for it because that would be Read more…

Bob Simpson: An Industrial Disaster
wired savvy: Bullet Misfits Ohmage


Bob Simpson: The Plague
Bob Simpson: Smart Phone Apps

The smart phone we're still waiting for.

Martha Rosenberg: Downtrodden Gun Owners
Ricardo Levins Morales: Wisconsin Power Blend
Lonnie Atk: It’s all in the fine print

A Graphic by Lonnie Ray Atkinson and Tom Burns

Lonnie Atk: ladyINJUSTICE

A Graphic by Lonnie Ray Atkinson and Tom Burns

Theodore Johnson: Egyptians Rise Up
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