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When democracy becomes numb to the desires of its citizens and political campaigns become sporting events for television pundits, the ballot box becomes a sad (if necessary) expression of populist will.


I am looking at exit poll data and, as in prior election seasons, more Democratic votes came from the young,...
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There is no question that, in the immediate aftermath, following U.S. military conquests, wars, occupations, and sanctions, U.S. multinational corporations (MNC) lost out on profitable sites for investments.


With all eyes focused on the Middle East, it appears to have gone quiet in the Ukraine with a ceasefire announced in early September. However, fighting does continue on the ground and the Kiev junta faces a tough winter in which to keep hold of power.


In 1990, a young Ralph Reed, newly hired by Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition to oversee its daily operations, told the Los Angeles Times that, “What Christians have got to do is take back this country, one precinct at a time, one neighborhood at a time, and one state at a time.


The entire American nation-building experiment was, in fact, a political swindle engulfed by many horrifying episodes, starting with the dissolving of the country’s army, entire official institutions, and the construction of an alternative political class that was essen- tially sectarian. The entire American nation-building experiment was, in fact, a political swindle engulfed by many horrifying episodes, starting with the dissolving of the country’s army, entire official institutions, and the construction of an alternative political class that was essentially sectarian.


The mainstream media’s treatment of two cases of alleged aggression illustrates perfectly the propaganda role and service of the dominant media


The difference and the reason why the Kurds of Kobani are to be sacrificed stems from the fact that they are the wrong kind of Kurds


The state’s legal landscape shifted drastically in 2010 when voters marginally succeeded in legalizing the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (Prop...
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When protests in Hong Kong exploded people looked for U.S. involvement. It was not hard to find.


Rich and powerful people will always find a way to profit from, rather than pay in any manner for, wars. Furthermore, I want to point out that we are already making great sacrifices for our current war. We have already been drafted and we are already paying war taxes. According to the War Resisters League, for the 2015 fiscal year, approximately 45 percent of every income tax dollar paid to the U.S. government will end up being spent on war


A recent study funded by the McArthur Foundation found that in disadvantaged neighborhoods, black women are facing eviction at an “alarming rate.”


The southern New Mexico mining town of Santa Rita no longer exists, even as a ghost town, except in the memories of Terry Humble and others who lived there. The ground beneath Santa Rita has been blasted, shoveled, and trucked away over the last century to feed the world’s demand for copper,


Nothing mocks disingenuous, power-serving politicians more than their own past words. President Barack Obama is a remarkable case in point.


This year, when Goddard announced that students had invited Mumia to a return engagement at their graduation, Philadelphia police, politicians, media, and Fox News went crazy with angry rhetoric aimed at curbing free speech.


Taylan Tosun interviews Rasmus on how the mortgage crisis in the U.S. turned into an epic recession in the real economies of the many advanced capitalist countries


Robert Ovetz reviews Strike Back by Joe Burns. "There is a hidden secret in our union movement and Joe Burns has shined a light on it. Our unions will not recover power until we again embrace worker self-organization"


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HUMAN RIGHTS - The10th Biannual Southern Human Rights Organizers’ Conference (SHROC X) will be held December 12-14 in Savannah, GA. The Goal of SHROC is to bring together human rights organizers to discuss common issues and develop more effective strategies for building a human rights movement in the Deep South.

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CUBA/WOMEN - Artwoman: The 1st International Festival of Women Artists will be held December 12-14 in Havana, Cuba.

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ANARCHIST/BOOKFAIR - The 7th Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair will be held December 14, in Eureka, CA.


U.S. SOCIAL FORUM - The United States Social Forum is currently fundraising through 2014 to raise funds for the 2015 U.S. Social Forum.

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GUANTANAMO - This year January 11, 2015 marks 13 years of torture and indefinite detention at Guantanamo.  Groups including Witness For Torture will be gathering from January 5-13, 2015 to fast for justice and a week of actions.

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PROGRESSIVES - The sixth annual Pennsylvania Progressive Summit will be held February 6-7, in Harrisburg. Hundreds of social justice advocates, labor organizers, legislators, bloggers and grassroots activists will come together to advance progressive policy and build the progressive movement.

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MUSIC - The 27th Annual International Folk Alliance Conference & Winter Music Camp will be held February 18-22, in Kansas City, MO.

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BLACK SOLIDARITY - The 20th Annual Black Solidarity Conference at Yale University will be held February 19-22. The theme is, The Ties That Bind: Unique In Our Blackness, One In Our Struggle.

Contact: PO Box 206471, New Haven, CT 06520; http://www.yale. edu/bsc.

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH - The Take Root Conference will be held February 20-21, in Norman, OK. The conference aim is to root the fight for reproductive health, rights, and dignity in the struggle for social, racial, political, and economic justice.

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ECONOMICS - The Union For Radical Political Economics will hold its ninth annual conference February 26 - March 1 in New York.

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TRANSGENDER - The Keystone Conference: A Celebration of Gender Diversity, will be held March 18-22, in Harrisburg, PA.

Contact: [email protected]; http://transcentralpa. org/keystone.htm.

SOFTWARE - The LibrePlanet conference will be held March 21-22, in Cambridge, MA. The annual conference brings together software developers, policy experts, activists, and computer users to learn skills, share accomplishments, and face challenges to software freedom.

Contact: https://www.libreplanet. org/2015/.

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