December 2015
Volume 28
Number 12

Cover Quote:

"But nothing less than
the most radical imagination

will carry us beyond this place,
beyond the mere struggle for survival,
to the lucid recognition of our possibilities,
which will keep us impatient,
and unresigned to mere survival"

                                                                      - Adrienne Rich



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The New York Times reported recently that U.S. soldiers still fighting the war in Afghanistan—14 years on—are under orders to be “culturally sensitive”

Benghazi and the larger context surrounding it also raised unpleasant questions about the Obama administration’s violation of federal law requiring Congressional oversight of the CIA

Certainly, it is already late for too many Syrians whose stories were buried with them, but it is not too late for many who are still alive. We need to listen to the Syrian people, who have been at the receiving end of death,

One thing we have become all too used to is that our reality can be manipulated to create the appearance of something else entirely.

Much of Bleecker Street, for example, once a Village thoroughfare of bohemia immortalized in songs by Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, and Iggy Pop, is now a mini-Fifth Avenue of upscale boutiques and chain stores

Financiers have been punishing Walmart in part because the company has raised its minimum wage to $9 an hour. Plans to increase abysmally low pay has Wall Street in an ornery mood because profits might be hurt

On October 6, the Justice Department announced that nearly 6,000 people in federal prisons will be going home early. The...
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According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), in late September, Thomas David Deegan, a man described by authorities as...
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It’s time that our politicians acknowledge that it’s way too easy to get guns—legal and illegal—in this country

I’ve long been intrigued by the ways in which neo-liberal class warfare is normalized and even made to seem an advance in social welfare.


I raced down the hallway and found Shay, a senior. “I would like to know,” she said, “what PR firm he has hired and how that influences him on the campaign?”

For the radical imagination to be rekindled and to lead the way out of this desert, what is needed is people who will work to sweep away the mists of carefully contrived illusion, reveal the stark reality, and become directly engaged in the popular struggles

With Bernie Sanders calling himself a socialist, not to mention calling for a “revolution,” and Bill Gates saying socialism may be the only salvation against climate change, something is certainly happening— but what?

It’s a fine irony that after years of allegations that President Obama was a covert “socialist,” we now have the genuine article

What do you say about the blameless man who was held at the Guantanamo concentration camp for 13 years, without trial, without charges against him, without credible evidence?

The global economic crisis that erupted in 2008-09 is not over; it is merely shifting

The pattern that I had been seeing from the beginning of the conflict was that it was being framed not in relation to facts on the ground so much as in relation to the context of the history of the Iraq War,


Annie Jacobsen’s important new book, The Pentagon’s Brain, confirms the worst of Eisenhower’s fears, showing how the top secret Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has commanded billions of taxpayer dollars

This is an easy read, 187 pages with great photos and tons of wry humor.

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CLIMATE - From November 29 to December 11, world leaders will meet in Paris to negotiate a new global climate treaty. On December 12, people will come together in New England to call for bold climate solutions that create secure union jobs, strengthen community power and help build a more resilient future at the Jobs, Justice, Climate: Rally to Defend New England’s Future.

Contact: 617-299-0771; [email protected];

SEX WORKERS - December 17 is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers,’ Events are planned in many cities worldwide.


AFRICAN/SOCIALIST - The African People’s Socialist Party USA Plenary will be held January 9-10, in St. Petersburg, FL.

Contact: 1245 18th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33705; 727-821-6620; [email protected];

GUANTANAMO - January 11, 2016 marks 15 years of torture and indefinite detention at Guantanamo. Groups including Witness For Torture, CODE- PINK, World Can’t Wait will be gathering from January 5 - 13, 2015 to act for justice and a week of actions.

Contact: [email protected];;;;

BLACK SOLIDARITY - The 21st Annual Black Solidarity Conference at Yale University will be held February 11-14. The theme is, The Miseducation: Changing History As We Know It.

Contact: PO Box 206471, New Haven, CT 06520;

MEDIA - The Media Consortium Conference will be held February 11, in Philadelphia. The conference brings together over 100 leaders of independent news.


PROGRESSIVES - The 7th annual Pennsylvania Progressive Summit will be held February 19-21, in Harrisburg. Hundreds of social justice advocates, labor organizers, legislators, bloggers and grassroots activists will come together to advance progressive policy and build the progressive movement.

Contact: gressivesummit_1.

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH - The Take Root Conference will be held February 26-27, in Norman, OK. The conference aim is to root the fight for reproductive health, rights, and dignity in the struggle for social, racial, political, and economic justice.


EVOLUTION/RELIGION - February 12-14 will be the 10th annual celebration of Evolution Weekend, intended to demonstrate that religious people from many faiths and locations understand that evolution is sound science and poses no problems for their faith. The Clergy Letter Project’s theme for 2014 is Exploring Ways to Engage in Complex Discussions in a Civil Manner.

Contact: http://www.theclergyletter

MUSIC - The 28th Annual International Folk Alliance Conference & Winter Music Camp will be held February 17-21, in Kansas City, MO.

Contact: 509 Delaware St. #101, Kansas City, MO 64105; 816-221-3655; fa@folk .org;

LGBTQ -  Rainbow Health Ontario hosts Canada’s largest LGBTQ health conference, March 9-11, in London, Ontario.

Contact: Rainbow Health Ontario, Sherbourne Health Centre, 333 Sherbourne Street, Toronto ON M5A 2S5; 416.324.4100; http://www.rainbow

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