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The Interview got its shot by blowing the head off of No. 1 U.S. evil enemy Kim Jong-un, but it wasn’t Rogen’s creativity that came up with that plot twist. It came from the CIA. Though The Los Angeles Times reported that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg claimed it was their idea to have Kim Jong-un as the target, an email from Sony’s senior vice president Marisa Liston, published in the Daily Beast, indicated that it came from Sony through the intelligence agency


In the rush to judgment, few were asking for evidence and none was provided. Computer security analysts, however, were vocal in their skepticism


The world may not actually be falling apart, but it feels like America is. From police brutality and botched executions to voter suppression and election corruption, 2014 was a terrible year for civil liberties. Protests were quelled by military-grade weapons in scenes worthy of a banana republic and the divide between the rich and the poor in the freedom and justice they are afforded is Dickensian in its scope.


The role of health care workers in facilitating torture is one of the sickening details uncovered by the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s 500-page executive summary of its investigation of George W. Bush’s administration’s torture program


When the AP news story broke about USAID infiltrating Cuban rap groups between 2009 and 2010, I was not surprised. Infiltration is something that Cuban rappers have been wary of for some time


Despite repeated complaints about Jackson from faculty and students, RPI’s board of trustees has invariably expressed its total confidence in her. This unwavering support appears to be based not only on Jackson’s fundraising prowess, but on the corporate approach that she and the board share


  Two thousand fourteen, marks the deadliest year in Afghanistan for civilians, fighters, and foreigners. The situation reached a new...
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In terms of losses in human lives, 2014 has been a horrific year for Palestinians, but there are some very good signs that things are changing

Feature Herman

One of the clichés repeated often by liberals and leftists, which always rubs me the wrong way, is that we must “speak truth to power.” But those with power usually already know the truth, but avoid it because it’s contrary to their interests or they don’t want to know it or hear about it, for the same reason


Do you ever get a sense of déjà vu? When you get a creepy feeling that you’ve been there before or experienced something before? On Saturday, December 13, I was participating in a #BlackLivesMatter march down 4th Avenue in downtown Olympia, Washington, with about 50 other people.


The year had a spirited and determined feel. Every time we turned around there was another sit-in or strike or ingenious job action


These slogans are catchy and make a powerful impression when spoken by a large group, but at the end of the day, that’s all they are—slogans. Here’s the reality: the system doesn’t respond to slogans, it responds to demands.


The Brazilian working class is facing the most savage assault on its living standards in over a decade


The protests resulting from events in Ferguson and New York have spurred a nation-wide anti-police brutality and social justice movement


Federal Court strikes down mandatory drug-testing for welfare recipients


It wasn’t just Europe that collaborated with CIA extraordinary rendition and torture. Fifty four nations spread across five of the world’s six inhabited continents participated in the U.S. global torture network


Based on extensive travels, interviews, and research in Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, Dawn Paley invites the reader to consider other factors and motivations for the war on drugs


The Burglary tells the story of how, on March 8, 1971, in the midst of the Vietnam War, eight peace activists broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, in an effort to discover whether the FBI was working, illegally, to suppress American dissent


Upcoming events for activists, new progressive books and film releases

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BLACK LIVES MATTER - Events and actions are being planned all over the U.S. for justice for Eric Garner, Michael Brown and many others, and to demand that Black Lives Matter.
LEONARD PELTIER - Amnesty International is promoting an action to urge President Obama to free political prisoner Leonard Peltier. February 4 is the International Day of Solidarity with Peltier.
Contact:; http://www.whoisleonard
PROGRESSIVES - The sixth annual Pennsylvania Progressive Summit will be held February 6-7, in Harrisburg, PA. Hundreds of social justice advocates, labor organizers, legislators, and grassroots activists will come together to build the progressive movement.
Contact: gressivesummit_1.
PEACE - The Massachusetts Peace Action 2015 Annual Meeting will be February 7, in Boston, MA. Keynote speakers are Dennis Kucinich, and Rev. Osagyefo Sekou.
Contact: United for Justice with Peace, PO Box 390449, Central Square, Cambridge, MA 02139; 617-383-4857; info@justicewith;
BLACK SOLIDARITY - The 20th Annual Black Solidarity Conference at Yale University will be held February 19-22. The theme is, “The Ties That Bind: Unique In Our Blackness, One In Our Struggle.”
Contact: PO Box 206471, New Haven, CT 06520;
MUSIC - The 27th Annual International Folk Alliance Conference & Winter Music Camp will be held February 18-22, in Kansas City, MO.
Contact: 509 Delaware St. #101, Kansas City, MO 64105; 816-221-3655; [email protected];
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH - The Take Root Conference will be held February 20-21, in Norman, OK. The conference aim s to root the fight for reproductive health, rights, and dignity in the struggle for social, racial, political, and economic justice.
Contact: 509 Delaware St. #101, Kansas City, MO 64105; 816-221-3655; [email protected];
ECONOMICS - The Union For Radical Political Economics at the Eastern Economic Association will hold its 9th annual conference February 26-March 1 in New York City.
Contact: [email protected];
DRONES - March 4-6, a national mobilization is planned at Creech Drone Base in Nevada, to shut down assassin drone operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen. Sponsored by CODEPINK: Women for Peace, Nevada Desert Experience, Veterans for Peace and Voices for Creative Nonviolence.
Contact: 216 South Meramec Ave., St. Louis, MO, 63105; 314-725-6005; bfp@veteransfor;
LABOR - The Southern Labor Studies Association’s next conference will take place at the University of Maryland, College Park on, March 5, and in Washington, DC on March 5-8.
Contact: Southern Labor Studies Association, c/o Scott R. Nelson, President, Lyon G. Department of History, P. O. Box 8795, The College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795;
ANTI-WAR - Cindy Sheehan and the Soapbox People’s Network will hold its anti-war reenactment, March 13-17, in Washington, DC.
Contact: http://cindysheehanssoap
TRANSGENDER - The Keystone Conference: A Celebration of Gender Diversity, will be held March 18-22, in Harrisburg, PA.
Contact: [email protected];
SOFTWARE - The LibrePlanet conference will be held March 21-22, in Cambridge, MA. The annual conference brings together software developers, policy experts, activists, and computer users to learn skills, share accomplishments, and face challenges to software freedom.
YOUNG FEMINIST - The 11th Annual National Young Feminist Leadership Conference will be held March 21-23, in Washington, DC, sponsored by the Feminist Majority Foundation.
Contact: 1600 Wilson Blvd, Suite 801, Arlington, VA 22209; 866-444-3652; [email protected]; http://www.feminist
FEMINIST/WOMEN OF COLOR - INCITE! Color of Violence 4 Conference, Beyond the State: Inciting Transformative Possibilities, will be March 26-29, in Chicago, IL.
Contact: [email protected];
CANNABIS - The 3rd annual National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference will be held March 27-31, in Washington, DC, hosted by Americans For Safe Access and others.
Contact: 202-857-4272; info@safeaccess;
ABORTION - The 29th annual conference, From Abortion to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom, will be April 10-12 at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.
Contact: Civil Liberties and Public Policy, 893 West Street, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA 01002; 413-559-6976; [email protected];
MILITARY SPENDING - April 13 is a Global Day of Action on Military Spending.
VIETNAM/VETERANS - Veterans For Peace Annual Tour To Viet Nam will be April 16-May 2. The mission of the tour is to address the legacies of America’s war and to form lasting ties of friendship and peace.
Contact: 216 South Meramec Ave., St. Louis, MO, 63105; 314-725-6005; fp@veteransfor; http://www.veterans
ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR - The 9th Annual New York City Anarchist Book Fair will be held in its original site at Judson Memorial Church, April 18, bringing publishes, designers, writers, artists, musicians and activists from all over North America to Greenwich Village, one of the birthplaces of the anarchist movement.
Contact: [email protected];
EMPLOYEE OWNERSHIP - The 29th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference will be held April 29 in Akron, OH. The Conference is directed towards business owners, current employee owners, and economic & community development professionals.
Contact: 330-672-3028; [email protected];
ETHNIC STUDIES - The 2015 conference of the Critical Ethnic Studies Association will be held April 30 - May 3, in Toronto, with the theme: “Sovereignties and Colonialisms: Resisting Racism, Extraction and Dispossession.”
Contact: PO Box 20581, Seattle, WA 98102;
MAY DAY - May 1 is May Day. Workers of the world will celebrate the 125th anniversary of International Worker’s Day. Born out of a call for an eight-hour workday in the United States, this day is an opportunity for all workers to show their solidarity with one another, as well as to renew the call for labor rights.
PALESTINE/CHILDREN - MECA (Middle East Chidren’s Alliance) is currently fundraising to keep providing medicine, warm clothes, sports teams, tutoring, legal assistance, clean water, computers, libraries, toys, blankets, art classes, playgrounds, trauma intervention, food, scholarships, media training, music lessons to Palestinian children.
Contact: Middle East Children’s Alliance, 1101 Eighth Street, Suite 100, Berkeley, CA 94710; 510-548-0542; [email protected];
PEOPLE’S HOUSE - Jefferson People’s House, a worker-owned cooperative bookstore, cafe, and community organizing center in Duluth MN, are launching a Raise the Roof micro-grant campaign.
Contact: 12 South 15th Ave East, Duluth, MN 55812; 218-481-7268; [email protected]?m;;

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