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The New York Times is a very good newspaper, except where ideology and party line demands intrude. Unfortunately these intrusions occur often and are of great importance.

The increasingly militarized attacks on rebellious neighborhoods in the U.S. seem more and more like armed forces brought to bear on Palestinians in the Middle East.

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More than 800 migrants died on April 19 this year when their overcrowded boat capsized in the Mediterranean Sea off the Libyan coast. The tragedy sent soaring this year’s Mediterranean death toll which was by then around 1,500


Getting cars off the roads would help combat climate change and improve air quality. Government policy could make this happen. From Acela to Alaska, U.S. train travel offers a practical, affordable, and green alternative to travel by car and plane.


If you were airdropped blindfolded into a strange town and given nothing but a bus ticket, to where would you ride that bus? You might be surprised to learn that there’s only one good answer, and that’s the public library


For several decades, state and local governments have been showering private businesses with tax breaks and direct subsidies based on the theory that this practice fosters economic development and, therefore, job growth. But does it?


Despite the nearly 24-hour-a-day national television coverage of the situation in Baltimore, there was much the media didn’t cover. Some of these omissions, or facts only mentioned once and never repeated, appeared against the media owners’ more right-wing political agenda.


At 1:15 AM on May 21, on the west side of Olympia, Washington, white police officer Ryan Donald shot two young unarmed Black brothers, Andre Thompson, 24, and Bryson Chaplin, 21.


From 1991 through 2001, a series of conflicts, including the Bosnian War, were fought on the territory of the Former Yugoslavia. During that time, ethnic, sexual and economic violence against women was rampant and rape was used as a tool for “ethnic cleansing.”


One useful measure of a political culture’s moral level is the nature of what counts as a terrible outrage, disgrace, or scandal in that culture


In a world where six of the world’s nine nuclear-armed states are already directly or indirectly engaged in armed conflict, even the best case scenario is a disaster. The nuclear-armed U.S. and Russia are facing off over Ukraine. The nuclear-armed U.S., UK, France, and Israel are supporting Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen, with nuclear-armed Pakistan weighing its options.

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As Baltimore was bracing for renewed protests over the death of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) was preparing for battle


On May 21, 2015, the Colombian Air Force (FAC) bombed the base camp of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) killing 26 guerrillas. Three days later, FAC bombed other FARC bases killing 14 more guerrillas.


Mesopotamia, the “Land of Two Rivers,” cradle of modern civilization and currently home to probably as many conflicts as there are ethnic groups, religious factions and nation states


Authors Pascale and Cook write in "U.S. Language Policy": "According to the U.S Census, in three decades, no single racial or ethnic group will comprise the majority of the U.S. population. In many parts of the U.S. this reality has already arrived.... "The United States prides itself on being 'a nation of immigrants,' yet it has cultivated a multicultural, monolingual society."


What can lobbyists do when science contradicts their political messages? Some simply deny the science, as many conservatives do with...
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American Gandhi: A.J. Muste and the History of Radicalism in the Twentieth Century is particularly valuable in its treatment of the years that Muste devoted to building a labor movement—1919 to 1936


Two terrific books have arrived at the same time and serve as complementary entry points to a similar topic. Feminism Unfinished...


Ask 50 people when the capitalist era began, and you’ll probably get close to 50 different answers, ranging from Italy in the 15th century to England in the 18th.


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SOCIALISM - The Socialism 2015 Conference is scheduled for July 2-5 in Chicago, featuring talks and panel discussions.

Contact: [email protected]; http://www.socialismconference.org.

NATIVE MEDIA - The Native American Journalists Association will co-host the National Native Media Conference July 9-12, in Washington, DC. Other co-hosts include Native Public Media and Vision Maker Media.

Contact: NAJA, OU-Gaylord College, 395 W. Lindsey St., Norman, OK 73019-4201; 405-325-1649; http://www.naja.com.

LABOR - The Eastern Conference For Workplace Democracy will be held at Clark University in Worcester, MA, July 10-12.

Contact: [email protected]; http://east.usworker.coop/.

PEACESTOCK - On July 11, the 13th Annual Peacestock: A Gathering for Peace, will take place near Cannon Falls, MN. The event is a mixture of music, speakers and community for peace. Sponsored by Veterans for Peace and others.

Contact: Bill Habedank, 1913 Grandview Ave., Red Wing, MN 55066; 651-388- 7733; [email protected]; http://www.peacestockvfp.org.

LA RAZA - The annual National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Conference is scheduled for July 11-14 in Kansas City, with workshops, presentations and panel discussions.

Contact: NCLR Headquarters Office, Raul Yzaguirre Building, 1126 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036; 202-785-1670; www.nclr.org.

POLICE BRUTALITY - The Million People’s March Against Police Brutality will be July 12 in Newark, NJ.

Contact: People’s Organization For Progress, PO Box 22505, Newark, NJ 07101- 2505; 973-801-0001; [email protected]; http://njpop.org/wordpress/.

NETROOTS - The 10th annual Netroots Nation conference will take place July 16-19, in Phoenix, AZ, with writers, social justice advocates, labor and organizational leaders, grassroots organizers and online activists.

Contact: Netroots Nation, 1559B Sloat Blvd #316, San Francisco,CA 94132; http://www.netrootsnation.org.

TEACHERS - The Badass Teachers Association (BAT) will meet in Washington, DC for BAT’s Teacher Congress, July 23-26.

Contact: http://www.badassteacher.org/.

WOMEN - The 2015 Urban Bush Women Summer Leadership Institute will be held July 24-August 2, in New Orleans, under the theme: We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest: Organizing for Racial Equity.

Contact: 718-398-4783; sli@urbanbush women.org; https://www.urbanbush women.org.

WEAPONS/SPACE - The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space will hold its annual conference July 29-August 2, in Kyoto, Japan.

Contact: PO Box 652, Brunswick, ME 04011; 207-443-9502; globalnet@ mindspring.com; http://www.space4peace .org/actions/video_contest_rules.htm.

ACTIVIST CAMP - Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp will have sessions in July and August in CA, OR, and NY. YEA Camp is designed for activists 12-17 years old who want to make a difference in the world.

Contact: [email protected]; http://yea camp.org/.

FOLK FESTIVAL - The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival will be held July 31-August 2, in the Berkshires, NY.

Contact: [email protected]; http://www.falconridgefolk.com/.

SCHOOLS - The Satyagraha Institute 2015: Training Leaders in the Traditions of Nonviolence, will be August 4-22, in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Contact: Satyagraha Institute, c/o Carl Kline, 825 Fourth Street, Brookings, SD 57006; 605-692-8465; info@satyagraha institute.org; http://www.satyagrahainstitute.org.

VETERANS/PEACE - Veterans for Peace is holding the 30th annual convention is August 5-9 in San Diego, CA. This year’s theme is, Peace & Reconciliation in the Pacific.

Contact: http://www.vfpnationalconvention.org/.

MEDIA - Alliance for Community Media (ACM) and the National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture (NAMAC) will host a joint conference in Pasadena, CA, August 12-14.

Contact: http://www.allcommunitymedia .org/annual-conference.

NONVIOLENCE - The first national gathering of Campaign Nonviolence will be August 6-9, in Sante Fe, NM, featuring presentations, workshops, and vigils at Los Alamos.

Contact: http://paceebene.org/.

DISSIDENT ARTS - The Dissident Arts Festival will take place August 15-16, in New York City. The  Festival is the annual showcase of radical arts and activism, where New Music meets Topical Song and Free Jazz with Dissident Poetry, Theater, and Film.

Contact: John Pietaro, 646-599-0060; [email protected]; http://www.dissident arts.com/

COMMUNITY CONFERENCE - The 31st annual Twin Oaks Women’s Gathering will be held August 21-23.

Contact: 138 Twin Oaks Road # W, Louisa, VA 23093; 540-894-5126; [email protected]; http://womens gathering.org/.


POLICE - “This Stops Today” is a march march against police crimes, planned for August 29th, in Chicago.

Contact: Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, 1325 S. Wabash Ave., Suite 105, Chicago, IL 60605; 312-939-2750; http://stoppolice crimes.com/.

LABOR DAY - The 31st annual Bread and Roses Heritage Festival, a celebration of the ethnic diversity and labor history of Lawrence, MA, will be held September 7, in honor of the 1912 Bread and Roses Strike. There will be music, dance, poetry, drama, ethnic food, historical demonstrations, walking & trolley tours.

Contact: Bread & Roses Heritage, PO Box 1137, Lawrence, MA 01842; 978-794-1655; [email protected]; http://www.breadandrosesheritage.org/.

LGBT - The National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) will have its convention September 3-6, in San Francisco.

Contact: [email protected]; http://nlgja.org/2015.

COMMUNITY CONFERENCE - The annual Twin Oaks Community Conference will be held September 4-7. The conference is committed to equality, participatory government, ecology, and non-violence.

Contact: 138 Twin Oaks Road # W, Louisa, VA 23093; 540-894-5126; [email protected]; http://communitiesconference.org/.

VEGETARIAN - The 31st Annual Vegetarian Food Festival will take place September 11-13, in Toronto.

Contact: 17 Baldwin Street, 2nd floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1L1; http://festival.veg.ca/.

OCCUPY WALL STREET - September 17 is the three-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Events are planned in New York City and worldwide.

Contact: http://occuevolve.com; http://www.nycga.net/.

NONVIOLENCE - The Campaign Nonviolence Week will be September 20-27, with actions across the nation to mainstream nonviolence and build a culture of peace.

Contact: http://paceebene.org/.

FEMINIST ART - The third annual Feminist Art Conference will be held September 24-27, in Toronto.

Contact: [email protected]; http://factoronto.org/.

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