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September ZMag
  • Cook: Gabriel Kolko’s Unfinished Revolution

    A memorial to a historian, author, and socialist who pulled the rug out from under the origin tale of American liberalism. His book, The Triumph of Conservatism was not only a "book of history but of heresy."

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    Baroud: Ravaging Gaza

    Netanyahu’s war on Gaza means to distract from the slowly building collective sentiment among Palestinians throughout Palestine, and among Palestinian citizens in Israel

  • Herman: Plane Shootdowns in the Propaganda System

    "The U.S. media treatment of the destruction of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 follows a long-established pattern of rapid and indignant acceptance of politically serviceable official claims..."

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    Berkowitz: Ukraine: the Next Christian RIght’s Anti-Gay Battleground?

    Embolden by influencing the appalling anti-gay laws in Uganda, U.S. religious right-wing leaders appear to have set their sights on Ukraine's gay laws

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    Chomsky: Outrage

    Disregard for Palestinian life in the West helps explain not only why Palestinians resort to violence, but also Israel’s latest assault.


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Being Left


Spanish activist David Marty extensively interviewed Michael Albert. Here are links to sections on radicalization, media, vision, debates, writings, Venezuela, Occupy, IOPS, and Chomsky.  

Being Left

ukraineSelected material from the internet.


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