Laura Hanna: Students Launch Historic Debt Strike

Refusing to Pay Back Predatory College Loans

Norman Finkelstein: Netanyahu is a Maniac

Interview on how the Goldstone report was ‘devastating’ in its conclusion that Israel was trying to punish and humiliate the citizens of Gaza

Norman Finkelstein: The Martyrdom of Gaza and the Future of Palestine

Norman Finkelstein’s address to the UCD Philosophical Society, University College Dublin, on the current state of the occupied territories

Paul Mason: Rejecting Austerity, Greece Squares Off with Its Creditors & Risks Future in Eurozone

Less than a month after the anti-austerity Syriza party swept to victory in Greece, a major dispute has broken out between Greece’s new leaders and European finance ministers

Eva Golinger: The Media War on Venezuela

Venezuela has been in the eye of a constant media storm. That storm is intensifying as a new opposition coup plot was thwarted

David Sirota: As Public Pensions Shift to Risky Wall Street, Local Politicians Rake in Political Cash

Many of the investments are being done in secret while politically connected Wall Streets firms — including Blackstone, the Carlyle Group and Elliott Management — earn millions in investment fees from taxpayers

Leo Panitch: The Historic Victory of Greek Left: What Now?

Presentation by Leo Panitch, Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy at York University, Toronto

Yanis Varoufakis: In Past, Assessing Future

The hour and a half session addresses a wide range of matters, economics, theory, social arrangements, personal relations of struggle, and of course, Syriza’s future and prospects

Johann Hari: Everything We Know About the Drug War & Addiction is Wrong

It’s not your morality, it’s not your brain, it’s your cage. Addiction is an adaptation to your environment

Gilbert Achcar: Egypt 4 Years After Mubarak

Interview on the current state of Egypt four years after a popular uprising forced then dictator Hosni Mubarak to step down

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