Gilbert Achcar: Assadism without Assad?

Debate on the Obama administration’s ‘orderly transition’ policy any better, and could it form the basis of a settlement acceptable to all sides in the Syria war?

Naomi Klein: COP21 – Climate Emergency (Dispatch 5)

Outside of the negotiation halls in Paris environmental NGOs, grassroots organizations, climate justice activists and trade unions from all over the world have been uniting to form a new global green movement.

Noam Chomsky: Electing The President of an Empire

Interview on the presidential primary “extravaganza” and the movement for Bernie Sanders

Noam Chomsky: On the Terror attacks in Paris

If you want to end it, the first question you ask is: why did it take place? What were the immediate causes and what were the deeper roots? And then you try to address those

Naomi Klein: Climate Deal Extraordinarily Dangerous; Defiance of French Protest Ban

Climate activists in Paris are planning a major day of action on Saturday despite a ban on protests put in place by the French government after the Nov. 13 attacks

Nicolas Hénin: Welcoming Refugees is the Best Strategy Against ISIS

“The more interactions we have between societies, between communities, the less there will be tensions”

Bill McKibben: Climate Protest Movement, Not COP21, Key to Preventing “Uninhabitable World”

Whatever agreement comes out of the meeting “won’t be enough” to avoid putting the world on a path to higher temperatures and an “uninhabitable world.”

Yanis Varoufakis: Academic Freedom and Policymaking

On the relation between academic freedom and policy making in the corridors of (European) power

Pablo Solon: “The Paris Agreement Will See the Planet Burn”

He once sat at the same table as the world leaders gathered in Paris to hammer out a U.N. agreement on global warming. Now he stands on the outside

Naomi Klein: Making the Paris Climate Talks Count

At the bottom of all the jargon that will be thrown about this week’s climate conference are human lives

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