An experiment to help fund Z

Hello Z community,

I have been disappointed in the response to Z’s current funding plea.  It is my understanding, the Albert or Chris can correct me if I am wrong, that there are several hundred thousand of us who use Zcom.  Many of us are committed revolutionaries.  As such I think we can do much better than simple survival level funding for Z.
I think that many of use would be willing to donate substantially if believed enough other people would do so as well to raise significant sum of funds.  Just imagine what Z could do if we do raise the $500,000.00 they are seeking.  But, when you donate you do so on blind faith that others will do so as well.
So this is the experiment, in addition to my monthly sustainer donations I will make a one-time donation of $300.00, if 333 other people will commit to doing the same.  If you do the math, this will make a group donation of a little over $100,000.00.  I think that will be a decent start to financing Z’s growth into becoming more of a movement hub than it already is.  Simply respond to this post that you make the same commitment, and when 333 people do the same (334 including me) we will all donate $300.00
The Koch brothers are not going to fund the Left, so we have to do it ourselves, lets put a little money where our hopes and dreams are!!!
I thought about making a distinct paypal site to link to from this article to lock people in on their commitments. But I thought people would likely not be comfortable trusting me to give the funds to Z.   As such this will have work on the honor system.

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