Diego Garcia, Torture, Chagossians?

So, apparently using an American base on British soil to transport prisoners-to-torture is a no-no, but kicking out more than 2,000 Chagossians to make room for the Americans is okay.

John Pilger has a great book, Freedom Next Time, whose first chapter is dedicated to the Chagossians.

At first the British and Americans denied their existence. Of course the blokes had already filmed the islanders in their preparation to "lease" the island to the Americans as an extension of power in Asia.

Then they claimed the island was dangerous. Yet the island is remarkably safe from tropical storms.

They they denied the island was to be used as a "base."

Now the two governments simply deny the right of return (deja vu).

And of course the island IS a base and the Americans just love the comfort and leizure of the island.

This barbaric history is irrelevant. Whether we use the island for torture is all that seems to matter. This reminds me of Guantanamo Bay. It is just interesting how the history of how we made our presence known is ignored.


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