Do As I Say documentary

Another way to make a little money if you don’t have any real skills to do something like build your own home, grow organic foods, help prepare your community for the post apocalyptic world where the grocery store shelves will be empty and the gas pumps won’t work because there’s no power to power the electric pumps and there’s no gas to ship to the gas stations, where no matter how high we turn the thermostats in our homes when the temperature dives into the teens, the furnace doesn’t turn on, is to make a cheap documentary about hypocrisy.

The documentary Do As I Say is one such documentary.

Since we are pretty much all in this managed global system together, then, if we want the system to change and be truly different, we are all hypocrites, one way or another, by default. Those who want change are therefore more likely to be vulnerable to charges of hypocrisy than those who want to maintain the status quo.  That’s a working axiom I’m using for this piece, and my underlying criticism, whatever other flaws there might be in the substance of the documentary.

The only real possibility for change, if change is even wanted, would be if billions of people do billions of little things every single day that are truly different than what the system now makes easy for us to do, which is, of course, how it manages us through our willing, nearly blind participation.

Meanwhile, what makes life easy now, ultimately and systematically destroys a little more of the grid of living systems that we pretend to understand through our most advanced tools.

Yes indeed, those advanced human created tools, tools we can simultaneously use to tell ourselves we are destroying the living systems of the planet while also hypocritically creating the potential for destroying this grid of life which makes it possible for us to breathe each minute, something we tend to take completely for granted until that moment when a breath is not possible.

Humanity’s tools we can lump into a single conceptual thought, a thought that metaphorically at the same time represents our self conceived advanced evolutionary place on this planet we’ve finally "achieved" after several million years of evolution: that sacred cow thought is Science.

Our science, translated through our system of cultural idea systems, like our philosophies, literatures, even religions, envisions human beings at the pinnacle of the planet, and the system of managed, programmed human beings as a whole agrees de facto, by their daily actions if nothing else, that they are that arrogant chosen species at the peak of their self conceived hierarchy that makes up the grid of linked living ecosystems and moving cycles of gaseous atmosphere and water we call the biosphere.

(Well, at least hypothetically that’s the case, according to the hypocrites who don’t live the life they preach, except for maybe a few really strange wackos, who probably didn’t show up in the documentary about hypocrisy.)


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