Matrika Yadav Prepares Another Armed Struggle

Matrika Prepares Another Armed Struggle



Kantipur Report KATHMANDU, June 27 – Rebel leader Matrika Yadav, who defected from the Unified CPN (Maoist) with a claim to reestablish the CPN-Maoist some five months ago, has been MIA from news these days.

But, it has been learned that Yadav has been preparing for yet another armed struggle, which he says to be the continuation of Maoist-launched People’s revolution and establishment of communism.

Sources claim that Yadav has even constituted a separate armed wing for the struggle. It also claims that the national assembly of the Yadav-led Maoists scheduled for Janakpur next month will make the official decision regarding the armed revolution.

Most of the members of the armed wing are the former Maoist combatants, according to the source. He has already constituted ‘Youth People’s Security Committee’ in as many as 15 districts by constituting the armed combatants and claims to extend it to further 12 districts in future.

“We need armed wing for revolution, revolution is not possible without such wing” says Yadav adding “Party’s working guidelines will be finalised by the national assembly.” 

He claims that the armed wing will give justice to all those people who have been facing injustice from the state.

Such wings have already become active in districts like Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Saptari, Siraha, Dhanusa, Rauthat, Bara, Parsa and Dang, he added.

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