Michael APPROVES of antigayblacklist.com

Here is why I approve of www.antigayblacklist.com

Those who supported and donated proposition 8 should be exposed.
Besides, exposing them won’t deprive them of equal rights and protections, and that is why they are being exposed. Because they are depriving others of equal rights and protections.
I don’t care to hear them argue about their rights or their security when THEY used the electoral process to limit the rights and securities of others.
Some say the website took their campaign to a whole new level well my retort is: Look at the level gays were put on when they, the bigots who supported, donated to and voted for proposition 8, used their state constitution to deny gays equal rights and protections.
Why should they be respected and tolerated when they can’t do it themselves?
Why should we sympathize with bigots exposed and not homosexuals deprived of equal rights?

I heard some guy on the TV say that, "if they would have won should I have made a blacklist of them?"

This guy completely doesn’t get it.

First, it was not a game.

Second, even if the homosexuals would have "won" it would not have meant that heterosexuals would have limited rights and protections.

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