Nawal El Saadawi interviewed by The Occupied Times

Anti-cuts activists in the heart of London nears its first fortnight in action, with an estimated 5000 people passing through St Paul's Catherdal and a resident population of around 300. The camp is part of a global movement against corporate greed and unregulated banking systems, subverting hierarchies and creating a space where people are encouraged to join.

Those joining in with the protest is Zed author and one of Egypt’s most prominent activists and feminists, Nawaal El Saadawi. She has been working for equality and an end to gender discrimination since the 1950s, and has been jailed and exiled for her writings and protests. She has been a presence in Cairo’s Tahrir Square since January 2011. The Occupied Times interviewed her while she was in London.

In the interview El Saadawi talks about how the protests are a global revolution. "We all inhabit the same world – one world."

When asked whether the protests here in London have any link to those in Madrid, Athens and New York, she expresses that "We all have the same goal. We are speaking out against inequaility, against the divide between the poor and the rich or between Christians and Muslims. We must stand against inequality and that is what unites us."



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