Next Nepal Govt Will Face Great Difficulties

Next Nepal Govt Will Face Great Difficulties: UML President Jhala NathKhanal

May 18 – ..Khanal had supported the Maoists stand in the entire nine month long cooperation in the Maoists’ led government, finally opposed the Maoists move to sack the Chief of the Army Staff and facilitated the premature fall of the Maoists’ government. Mr. Khanal said that the next majority government will face great difficulties in tackling the political problems confronting the nation. “To respect the peoples’ mandate, a government with the Maoists participation is a mandatory one”, opined Mr. Khanal. “Our prime duty is to restore peace, institutionalize federal democratic order and to draft the new constitution, yet we will have to face great obstacles in the process”, said Khanal. Mr. Khanal urging the Maoist party to stop terrorizing the cadres of other political parties said they must stop thrashing others and accept the democratic order as it is and establish smooth relations with other communist parties.. … go to complete original article

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