Participatory Economics Simulator


This is a program I wrote in Java to simulate the basics of Parecon allocation. It is based off the work of Michael Albert and Robert Hahnel in The Political Economy of Participatory Economics, which contains equations for Parecon allocation.

The user is can use inputs generated randomly along a preset deviation, generate inputs with their own deviation or enter specific inputs. With that, the user can simulate the workings of Parecon allocation in response to many different situations. The user interacts with the program through a Jython console, which allows them to utilize the classes of the Java program with simple python scripts.

The goal of this project is in part to continue to raise awareness about Parecon, particularly among academic economists who might dismiss or ignore the model. In theory, this program could be used in computer games with Parecon as a virtual economy or in stress tests on Parecon, simulating the economic response to certain societal events.

I started working on this project a few months ago but haven’t gotten around to finishing it. Some parts are working fine but are uncompleted, while others aren’t working.

I recently started school, and probably won’t have much time to continue working on this project, so if anybody with some programming ability would like to help please join the Sourceforge project.


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