People’s Republic Only Can Guarantee Nepal’s National Pride

People’s Republic Only Can Guarantee Nepal’s National Pride: Narayan Kaji Shrestha United Maoists Leader

May 13 – The.. main target of the People’s War and the last Revolution was not only the Monarchy but also the traditional parliamentary system. What the people need today is the forward looking People’s Republic which is in essence the People’s Democratic Republic where people remain sovereign and their supremacy prevails. People’s Republic can only guarantee national pride which obliterates the entire feudal and imperial symptoms prevailing in the society.. the best system that suits to the needs of the common workers, peasants and the exploited ones of this country. Those who will prefer to object to proceed in this regard will be automatically sidelined by the people. We can thus hope that we will be able to frame a people’s constitution of our preference.. a new government in place that honors the people’s supremacy but not that of the Army’s.. the interim constitution has been derailed. The formation of a new government with the constitution derailed will not get sanction of our party. … go to complete original article

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