Rant #2

 Globalized capitalism thrives on chaos and instability. There is not a society or ecosystem on the planet that has not been impacted. For example, millions are leaving their traditional communities in China’s interior for low-wage jobs in coastal cities. Closer to home the financial collapse is shredding the middleclass and creating a new army of impoverished workers. At the ecosystem level species extinction and loss of wilderness are rampant.

The climate crisis is fueled by instability which is contrary to the dynamic balance maintained in natural systems. Strengthening capitalism with schemes to profitably trade carbon and transform forests into carbon storage devices will make matters worse.
Real solutions are to leave fossil fuels in the ground, prosecute oil company executives for knowingly destabilizing the planet’s climate for personal gain and use billions in fossil fuel profits to fund the transition to a life-affirming future based on the ecological principles of diversity, limits and interdependence.
For direct action opportunities during upcoming Copenhagen Climate Summit see www.climate-justice-action.org

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