Reactions to sorry day from a non-Australian

I’d like to say that even though I am only a Permanent Resident of Australia, I felt extremely proud and honored to stand in the rain at Martin Place (Sydney) and listen to the apology to the indigenous people of Australia delivered so respectfully, and eloquently by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.  His sincere and open words were so moving; it felt as if the rain on the land were tears of joy, gratitude, and relief for that moment.  


I don’t know how many other nations have ever made such a historic gesture to the people whose land they probably took by force, but I hope this apology will stand as a great example for others to consider apologizing for all the injustices committed to indigenous people world wide.  This may not seem like much to some, but I profoundly believe it is a monumental step forward in healing the world.


Unfortunately the apology did not end with Mr. Rudd’s beautiful words.  Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson stood to deliver a speech of support, but his words felt very calculated and insincere.  It saddened me to listen to him try and downplay past injustices with old methods.  Stating past actions were done ‘with the best of intentions’ as so many have done, and continue to do.  Dr. Nelsons’ words were a disgrace to all Australians, and humanity as a whole in my opinion.


I know he is the opposition leader, but does this really mean he must stand in opposition to everything, no matter how harmonious and altruistic it may be?


I do hope Dr. Nelson is reprimanded for his poor performance and that the electorate lets him know their disapproval of him in the future.


Thank you Australia and thank you Mr. Rudd for bringing hope to a sad world.

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