Spinning The Tali

I always thought they’d name a hurricane after me, but I got the seized humanitarian-aid ship, instead. Al Jazeera reporter, Salam Khoder, was on the ship and reported back:

“ "At about 11pm last night… the Israeli ship intercepted the ship, fired at the ship and more than 30 soldiers came on to the boat and started beating the passengers," she said.

"They blinded our eyes, bounded our hands, kept us in uncomfortable conditions for one hour … they also told us not to communicate with each other in Arabic."

She said that the whereabouts of some of the 18 people who were on board the ship was unknown.

The Al-Ikhwa was carrying 60 tonnes of medical supplies, food, books and toys to Gaza, where a more than year-long Israeli blockade along with its devastating offensive last month have left residents struggling to get basic necessities.”

More details from Al Jazeera and The Lebanon Daily Star.

How do you spin this, so the Israeli public continues to sit in their easy-boys and chant “go team go”? Watch the face of “Israel’s finest” for yourself (limited by my translation):


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