The Most Important Foreign Policy Issue of Today

Israeli imperialism must end in one of two ways. Following a major military defeat resulting from an invasion of a neighboring country. As a result of public pressure in the US. Israel manifestly has the power to destroy the Palestinian people but it does not necessarily have to the power defeat another country with any semblance of an army. Pragmatists who urge silence enabling the violent conquest to continue apparently do not recognize that the what they are advocating is untenable. Israel will not stop and the elimination of the Palestinians and if they succeed, which they surely will if not for the intervention of public pressure, are apt to feel emboldened to take on more ambitious and lunatic quests and cannot carry on along its present course indefinitely. That is, at some point the reality has to be faced that the alternatives presented to Israel are, reach a genuine peace settlement or incite a terminal catastrophe. What in fact pragmatists and "Israel’s supporters" are calling for is the latter. One hopes, therefore, that we choose not to see Israel destroyed and that we do so sooner rather than later.

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