Third Lebanon War?

Ha’arez reported the following (full article here):

Two Katyusha rockets have been fired from Lebanon to the north of Israel. Two people lightly wounded.

Hezbollah deny connection to this:

"Hezbollah assured the Lebanese government that it remains engaged in preserving the stability in Lebanon and respects Security Council resolution 1701," the head of Mitri’s office, Toufic Yannieh, quoted the minister as saying

Israel Defense Forces troops immediately fired five artillery shells at Lebanon in response to the rockets. Israeli military spokesman said Israel aimed "a pinpoint response at the source of fire."

The Lebanese government decried the attack as a clear violation of the latest United Nations cease-fire resolution and said it was determined to find out who had fired the rockets.

But Ha’arez, being very fickle about it’s international news reporting standards, had this to say:

"No organization has yet claimed responsibility for the rocket fire. Based on past experience, it appears likely that a Palestinian organization, inspired by but not connected to Hezbollah, fired the rockets."

And just to add to the fear factor, an article titled "ANALYSIS / Rocket fire on North may be realization of Iran threat" was also issued.

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