Why the wealthy are above the law

Why the wealthy are above the law????

This really, really, big show, and we are all in it as uninvited, unemployed, bit players, should show us that the wealthiest individuals, and families, and the biggest corporations, really institutions now, are all impossibly connected at the hip, at a hidden, to us, focal point that has much to do about commandeering all of our money, which then makes it very easy to deprive us of any freedoms we naively thought we had because of our constitution. It absolutely has to be this way, first of all because wealth cannot hide from power,(it can try but not succeed) and because most of the money our country makes at any given time is in the bank accounts (corporate and personal) of the wealthiest's wealthiest and staunchest cohorts. This is their competition now, as we the people have not enough wealth to compete on these grand scales. In any sane world that would be headed back towards a rational and reasonable economy, these wealthy mega monstrosity's would become competitors and start preying upon one another, but in an economic system as fixed as this one is in creating wealth for the already wealthy, they do not have to compete. So instead of a lull in the financial actions; it is time for economic war..they just start preying upon one another because it's all the functions they have left. Every bit of sanity has been jettisoned and transformed into an insatiable greed for yours, mine, and our children's money. It has become a game to them.

Get the really big, obvious, picture? The super wealthy have become so corrupted by their wealth that, like the King with no clothes, they have shown their position, and constantly flaunt their rank distaste for anyone (even children and families) who still have enough to survive on by continuing to improve upon those tactics that got them the wealth in the first place: lying, defrauding, cheating, and just plain downright chicanery!

Nothing that we might use for our support is sacred in their quest for it all. Our big picture should show how those who captured the financial industry in our country, and other countries, finagled this great transfer of wealth with the governments, including our elected officials, help. It is through this government help that we can see the invisible hands that operate even more independently now than ever before to shape our countries actions in the wealth-i's best interests, not the people's. If we use the well know formula, called...”follow the money”, we really only need to look where the money is.  The King has no clothes...eeek!

The wealthiest few control the government by putting into the voting process only those who will continue to support their secret machinations, thereby fooling our best intentions as a people to make our government function for 'we the people' in a reasonable economic manner.

All of these super wealthy groups and individuals are working, as much as is humanly possible, together, in secret. At least, they were until now!

All of a sudden, unless you are a corporation that has super deep pockets and has known about or seen this collapse coming, your financial bottom line is their target, because it is not in your control, and so your bottom line gets spanked if you do not go along...capisci?

Let me put it a better way maybe, like this...have you ever heard of corruption? In a democratically controlled country, with laws that say this country is of the people, by the people, and for the people: and we do have laws and people who were supposed to enforce the same, how did all of our money end up in the pockets of a few wealthy corporations and wealthier individuals with all of this supposed honesty going around?

We had laws on the books that allowed this to happen legally? No, that wasn't the case either! What happened is that powerful little people broke the law, in little chunks, unknown to the public,and literally in secret backroom deals, in order to get the money flowing for the wealthy and powerful, and then, in turn, as a favor for their good deeds, those super wealthy who benefited from their payed for criminal deeds protected those same felons with their wealth, covered up their actions, and have lied about it for so long that everyone now thinks that it is the truth. The trail is there though, and we have not forgotten the bankrupcies and foreclosures, and the fine print that hid the fraud we had to endure, the fine print that caused us to lose our homes, and our jobs, and for many of us...even our lives!

It is not the truth that they earned their money honestly and fairly, because there is no honest and fair way to become so filthy rich/immoral that you actually work every day to rob people just to make sure that you are the only one who has anything at all.

The wealthy have used, since their initial criminal acts have gone uncaught, their hired goons (lawyers) to protect them from any ramifications that may materialize from their overzealous robbing of the entire country. They use their wealth and power, behind closed doors and in completely secret boardrooms, and clandestine meetings,to redefine ordinary legal terms to make their heinous money grabbing schemes less illegal (is there such a thing?) and much more effective! This tampering with the scales of justice would never have been allowed to happen if we, the people, Oh, and by the way, our hired guns, had kept a jaundiced eye on our constitution and educated our minds and our children's to the real reasons we have written this constitution.

We, the people, are really up against it now though. We have our proverbial 'backs against the wall'. Who said it best, oh ya...'we're up a shit creek without a paddle'!(Sorry I can't remember who said that.)

My question is this, and it goes like this; would we, the people, have rowed our canoe up a shit crick that dwindles to nothing at all, all of a sudden, for no reason, and just beach our selfs upon the refuse...or were we driven here by the wealthy, and the powerful, who lied to us over and over again..not misled us, but lied and defrauded us on purpose, because they knew that they had our trust in the first place...and after a time they also knew they had us right where they wanted us. Helpless to their machinations for more and more wealth and power!

So, I guess the moral to the story ,for the king, is not to trust your advisers so much that you believe them enough to appear in front of your royal court in your birthday suit. I really doubt that I would be to hip too trust them 'as far as I could throw them' as the old saying goes, after advice like that. Take that to heed American voter! Ah, but the deed has been done you know. There are all of the bankers and the wealthiest individuals and corporations in the USA and in the world, right up there in front of us with their panties down...and they don't like it. We are looking too. We have seen the truth, and the truth is that they are the same as we are; just human beings like the rest of us, and not the super smart, business savvy, get up and go, moral, thinking, businessmen or women that they have put themselves up to be.

Oh, and did I mention that these people are addicted to wealth and power...!

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