Why You’re Being Robbed

Why You're Being Robbed and how to avoid buying it back at an inflated price

Why do we bail out banks, only to be told we have to cut services? For years our leaders and their experts have told us that there was no alternative to making the rich richer. And then in 2008 the banks collapsed. On top of that, we're involved in two wars of aggression. Why You're Being Robbed (WYBR) looks at how this happened and talks to people who have chosen a different path.
From Glasgow, a deindustrialised city that was once the "2nd city of Empire", WYBR looks at why people who are getting things done do what they do.  Interviews with activists like Bob Hamilton, Margaret Kerr, John Kraska show how valuable tenacity and creativity are.
David Edwards of Media Lens explains why it's so important to challenge journalists.
Joe Bageant, author of Deer Hunting with Jesus, gives insight into Scotland's relationship with it's master, the USA.  Joe discusses the history of Scots emigration to the USA and the resulting "redneck" culture.
WYBR shows how bullying is the means by which an oppressive culture traps its victims into thinking "there is no alternative" and it offers suggestions into breaking down this illusion.

Available here: Why You're Being Robbed

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