Hate: Religious and Secular

– Religious Hate “Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known a man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.” (Numbers 31:17-18, King James Version) These commands were given by the Christian God through Moses almost thirty centuries ago. The cases that follow are more recent: “An Iraqi man accused of drowning his sister because of an alleged premarital affair claims that Islamic law obliged him to take her life… Karouan Kadar, 26, was arrested in Corinth, about 80 kilometers west of Athens, after witnesses told authorities he pushed his sister Kioskan, 30, into the sea following an argument… Kadar told the police he killed his sister because she had been violating the law of the Koran… by conducting sexual affairs in Germany where she resided… He fainted while in police custody after learning he was charged with murder and was treated at a hospital.”

(This happened on August 9, 1998 and was reported by the Associated Press). According to the Greek press the brother had already telephoned his mother and she gave her permission for the killing. Also, it is worthwhile to try to understand why the brother fainted. If he really believed that he carried out a sacred duty, he would probably have accepted his fate stoically, if not with pride.

However, it seems that at some point, as a rational human, he realized that he was going to spend the rest of his life rotting in a Greek jail, just for playing a role in a barbarous and stupid “theatrical play.” The audience being a couple of dozen people , his neighbors, back in his home town. Will his mother now walk with pride among those neighbors? Or, in a moment of lucidity she will hate herself for what she did? Islam is a kin religion to the Christian religion. Thus, as the Christians do not give a hoot about religion (they just pretend they are “believers” in paradise, the resurrections, angels, devils, etc, etc, for economic reasons, out of fear of not being part of the herd, or plain political fear) so do the Muslims.

Then, why this hate even for their own children? The fundamental reason is that they feel personally insulted because the victim (the daughter in this case) did not follow orders; not orders by some God but orders by the mother herself. Let us examine a more recent religious case: The Yazidis live in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Armenia, the Caucasus, and parts of Iran. The origin of the Yazidis and their unique religion, which probably derives from Christianity but has elements of Islam (The perfect combination! See below) and other Near Eastern religions is unknown. They themselves believe that they were created quite separately from the rest of mankind (the “curse” of the “chosen people” which includes the Nazis, the Americans, the Greeks, the French, et al). They have kept themselves strictly segregated from the people among whom they live. Their number is around 150,000 “souls”. Sukruya E., 21, was born in Germany by Yazidi parents; immigrant workers. She has six brothers. When she was 16 as she kissed her boyfriend, a Pakistani, good-by a few blocks from the family house she was seen by one of the brothers that happened to pass by. The brother dragged her violently up to the family house and locked her in the cellar, threatening her with the words: “Wait till our parents are back home.”

Around midnight, Sukruya managed to escape and started running down the street wearing only a T-shirt and Jeans. From that day on to this day she and her Pakistani friend are in flight. They have lived in numerous German cities, in the Netherlands, and in Belgium. In all these places the family with the help of the Yazidi network in Germany have traced them.

There are around 5,000 Yazidis only in Celle, Sukruya’s home town, in Germany. In Amsterdam she was caught by her mother, with the help of information from Yazidi spies. When her mother learned that she was pregnant she beat her so rabidly in the belly that she lost her child. (This proves how potent the Christian plus Islamic roots of the Yazidis are). Some Pakistani friends beat the Yazidis into flight, while Sukruya started running again in her blood soaked pants. Again, why all that hate? Do the Yazidis care that much about their “gentle” religion ? “Most Yazidis themselves know only relatively little of the Yazidi religion”, says the German ethnologist Andreas Ackermann. (“Der Spiegel”, 2/2003, p.62). Also, there is another important factor in this deeply rotten religious hypocrisy. Money. (A universal religious motive). To secure a bride for a son a family has to pay up to 40,000 euros (about 40,000 US dollars) to the family of the bride. The “spiritual” leader of the Yazidis in Germany is trying to limit the amount to (an unrealistic) 2,500 US dollars. Although it is the Christians cum Muslims that “created” the Yazidi monsters, some will say that only the barbarians of that geographic region could end up like that, never the civilized West.To test this hypothesis let us start with the “real” Christians and progenitors of the West, the Greek Orthodox Christians: Up to a couple of decades ago a dowry (money paid by the bride to the groom) was a must. Now it is “expected” that the bride should at least offer a 3-room apartment to the Christian union that only death parts.

(The running price for the apartment: around 150,000 US dollars). Or, let us continue the test with the (God trusting) US: Matthew Hale, 31,

“A white supremacist was arrested this afternoon on charges that he had solicited someone to kill a federal judge presiding over a copyright case regarding the name of his organization, the World Church of the Creator… The arrest came shortly after Mr. Hale denounced Judge (Joan) Lefkow in a news conference, saying she was biased against him because she (a white woman) was married to a Jewish man and had grandchildren who were biracial. (This was from The New York Times, January 9, 2003 and happened on January 8 in Chicago).

The Yazidis had no idea about their religion, but all of them knew the most important commandment: “Marry only within your Faith and your Caste.” (This was from an inquiry at the University of Cologne in Germany). The people involved in the religious-hate cases cited above are very “useful” assets to the polished gentlemen of the US economic elites. It was people like these (mostly collaborators of the Nazi Christians) that the US elites used to subordinate France, Italy, Greece, etc after WWII. It is these US elites that created BinLaden, the Taliban, and Hamas. And it is these US elites that will use people of “Yazidi” quality, steeped in hate, to rule in Iraq, Iran, etc after they bomb them to dust, as they do now in Afghanistan. – Secular Hate A little after midnight on January 3, 2003 (only 10 days ago) Michael Christoph, 24, an officer of the US Air Force, climbed on the first floor apartment of a 2-story house, and got into the apartment through the backdoor. In the house there was Mary Dretulaki, 76, alone. After realizing that an intruder was in the house she started shouting for help. Christoph started smashing the face of the 76-year old woman with his fists while “saying something in English”.

Then Christoph tried to escape through the front door of the apartment by breaking the crystal of the door but he did not make it because of the heavy wrought iron (filigree) structure of the door. After that he went to a balcony of the apartment and jumped to the concrete pavement of the court below the balcony, a height of around 10 feet. He was arrested by the Greek police while lying injured on the concrete pavement. The house of Mary is at Chania on the island of Crete. Chania is the closest town to “Souda”, the major US Military Base. Christoph and the old lady were taken to the Chania Public Hospital, where they were treated for their injuries. We learned about the incident only on January 7, when we saw on our TV screens the bruised face of the 76 year old woman ( very “colorful”, even after 4 days from the beating) as she described her ordeal in the evening news. We also learned that she had a crack in one of the bones of her face because of the punches of Michael Christoph, “an officer and a gentleman”. The 4-day delay was probably due to the Christian holiday of the Epiphany that was celebrated those days. This was the umpteenth incident of violence by US military personnel against the townspeople of Chania. By a “strange” coincidence most of the victims of the brave soldiers have been women. As in previous cases what astonished the victims was the intense expression of HATE on the faces of the US soldiers. Besides being women, the only other relevant characteristic was that they were Greek women, i.e. foreigners, not Americans. Christoph belongs to the 7th Rescue Flight (or something) stationed in the Moody Air Force Base in Georgia. He was in Chania while in transit from Afghanistan waiting for his transport to the US. He was staying in a Chania hotel.The night of the incident Christoph was drunk and his comrades tried to dissuade him from acting violently, but to no avail. P. Farley, the PR officer of the US Navy said that he learned about the incident from the Greek police. Christoph was moved from the Chania Public Hospital to a private clinic. How is this new criminal act by a US soldier going to end? The usual way: Michael Christoph, as many others before him, will be sent to his Mom and to his Dad in the US to help him overcome the travails of his hard profession. What about the Greek state, justice system, etc? They simply follow the instructions of Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, and other American Christians that have hate to spare for “use” by lesser individuals as the Christophs of this world.

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