Spain Is In The Hands Of Thieves

The New York Times has compared with Silvio Berlusconi. In Baleares, there are almost a hundred defendants, between middling and top posts, for the most part from the last Popular Party administration of Jaume Matas, who, incidentally, has accumulated a total of a dozen cases of irregular funding, among others.

  Crespo, Convergència deputy in parliament, presumed to be linked to a plot of laundering funds from the Russian mafia. The “very honourable” Jordi Pujol seems to be ignorant of this, and is promoting from his think tank a “code of ethics for professionals in politics,” based on honesty and transparency. Another bad joke.

  the Spanish State was ranked 30th in the standings, tied, coincidentally, or maybe not, with Botswana.


home video, which within a few days was seen by over 100,000 visitors in Youtube, how Catalan public health money was being stolen by businessmen and politicians of CiU and Catalan Socialist Party (PSC).

] Xavier Crespo, who in turn threatened to sue the magazine and who at present the anti-corruption prosecutor has asked that he be investigated for graft and bribery. Will anyone compensate CafèambLlet for the threats received by this character?


*Translated by Revolting Europe.

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