The Devil Made ‘Em Do It: Social Crisis and the Misuse of Faith in America

Tim Wise

Association for White Anti-Racist Education

  I was assured that Satan picked out Littleton for

precisely that reason: to test the faith of Christ’s loyal minions. If true of

course, this would mean his family is in serious trouble, what with Beelzebub zeroing in

on the flock and all, but I thought I’d best leave that one alone.


Marilyn Manson. Over 160 abortion clinics have been bombed or burned in the past twelve

years, mostly by Christians; the Murrah Federal Building was blown up by someone who

professes to be a Christian; and gays and lesbians are being beaten, burned, and tied to

fenceposts by Christians, and no one, anywhere, blames the church.

So why not? Why

isn’t the church to blame? Why aren’t these good “Christian” parents

to blame? Parents like the one who told me a few years ago after a speech I’d given

on homophobia that her children were her “property,” and she had every right to

teach them that homosexuals were evil, Satanic, and deserving of death.