New Chomsky Sessions DVDs

The Chomsky Sessions

In February 2010, Noam Chomsky visited the Z offices in Woods Hole, Massachusetts for a five-hour interview with Z staff member Michael Albert on various topics, including: the responsibility of intellectuals, science, religion, education, ecology, human nature, politics, international relations, economics, race, and kinship relations.

The entire interview is available on five DVDs, the complete Chomsky Sessions. Z DVDs are normally $22 each, but if purchasing together these five are available for $75 total (plus shipping). This is a $35 discount.

You can order the set at Z’s secure online store system here:

Or, instead of using this online form, you can order DVDs via the phone during business hours at 508-548-9063.


Session 1: The Responsibility of Intellectuals – This DVD covers the responsibility of intellectuals, scholars, and journalists. Runtime 55 minutes.

Session 2: Science, Religion, & Human Nature- This DVD covers science, rationalism, religion, sectarianism, conspiracy theories, and human nature. Runtime 77 minutes.

Session 3: Education & Economics- This DVD covers the state of the educational and economic systems in the U.S.. Runtime 54 minutes.

Session 4: The Political System – This DVD covers the political system, ecology, racism/sexism, and fighting City Hall. Runtime 47 minutes.

Session 5: International Relations – This DVD covers s international relations, colonialism, self-determination, the anti-war movement, and answering the critics. Runtime 54 minutes.