Zaps – May 2008




ENVIRONMENT – Seaflow, an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting marine life from ocean pollution, is sponsoring whale-watching trips to the Gulf of the Farallones off the central California coast starting in May and occurring monthly throughout the summer.
ACTIVISM – The World Prout Assembly is sponsoring a conference called "Building a New World" featuring Cindy Sheehan, William Blum, Kathy Kelly, Mike Whitney, Michael Parenti, Alice Lovelace, David Swanson, and others, in Radford, Virginia from May 22-25.
WOMEN – The National Council for Research on Women annual conference is June 5-7, 2008 at the Kimmel Center at NYU. Kimberlé Crenshaw, Kim Gandy, Chandra Mohanty, Ellie Smeal, and other leading scholars, researchers, advocates, and policy makers will attend the conference entitled "Hitting the Ground Running."
CLASS STUDY – The Center for Study of Working Class Life will have its annual conference, "How Class Works" at the State University of New York at Stony Brook June 5-7.
MEDIA – The 2008 National Conference for Media Reform is scheduled for June 6-8 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Activists, journalists, and policymakers will hold discussions, workshops, and skill- shares. Scholarships and work exchanges available.
BIKING – Join Bikes Not Bombs June 8 for their 21st annual Bike-A-Thon and Green Roots Festival in Boston, Massachusetts.
WORKPLACE – The 2008 National Conference of Democratic Workplaces will be held from June 19-22 in New Orleans.
HONDURAS – An educational and activist delegation to Honduras with Rights Action is planned for July 7-12. Participants will learn about community and indigenous Garifuna resistance to large scale "development" projects (including Goldcorp Inc.’s open pit, cyanide leeching gold mine and large scale tourist plans on Honduras’s Caribbean shore) and about community development alternatives.
ANTIWAR – A National Antiwar Conference to stop the war in Iraq and bring the troops home now, sponsored by the National Assembly, is scheduled for June 28-29 in Cleveland, Ohio. Featured speakers include Greg Coleridge, Donna DeWitt, and Jonathan Hutto, author of Anti-War Soldier.
G8 SUMMIT – Anti-G8 Japan actions are being planned for June and July. Actions include rallies and marches, international action day, blocking the G8, and an alternative summit in Sapporo, Japan.
ORGANIZING – Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County invites concerned citizens to "Community Organizing for Deep Democracy" in Humboldt County, California in August and in Sonoma County in September.
ZINES – The 8th annual Portland Zine Symposium is a free two- day conference and social gathering, celebrating independent publishing. It will be held at Portland State University August 2-3, with tentative evening events August 1-2.
Contact: Claudia McBarron at 503-249-8503 or Justin Harges Heimer at 503-975-5731;

SOCIAL JUSTICE – Public Health & Social Justice is a website covering social, economic, environmental, human rights, and cultural contributors to health and disease with open-access articles, slide shows, syllabi, etc.
TEACHING – The Spring-Summer catalog of Teaching For Change is now available in print and online, featuring progressive resources for pre-K-12 and college students, such as books, movies, posters, and more.
WRITING PRIZE – The 2008 Daniel Singer Millennium Prize will be given for the best essay, of no more than 5,000 words, exploring the question: "What recent event or political process that you have participated in, witnessed or studied has given you inspiration and confidence that a better world is possible? And why do you think the fight for a better world will succeed?" Deadline: August 30.

DEBT – In Debt We Trust: America Before the Bubble Burst, by award-winning director-producer Danny Schechter (Weapons of Mass Deception), investigates why so many of us strangled by debt, the larger crisis of "financialization," and the "debt-and-credit inductrial complex."
IMMIGRATION – Beyond Borders: The Debate Over Human Migration, takes an in-depth look at legal and illegal immigration. The film explores the psychological forces driving the immigration controversy from both sides of the debate.
LATIN AMERICA – In the documentary The War On Democracy, John Pilger reports that in spite of a history of repeated U.S.-backed suppression, popular movements are gaining ground in Latin America.
WARMING – Everything’s Cool is a "toxic comedy" about the most dangerous chasm ever to emerge between scientific understanding and political action: global warming.

ECONOMICS – In Crunch: Why Do I Feel So Squeezed?, popular economist Jared Bernstein demystifies the economy, makes sense of the current economic debate, and gets people riled up about restoring economic fairness while delivering a lively, behind-the-scenes tour of the economy.
FAMILY – Family Activism: Empowering Your Community Beginning with Family and Friends by Roberto Vargas promotes a radical transformation towards a progressive culture starting from home.
HURRICANE – In Seeking Higher Ground, edited by Manning Marable and Kristen Clarke, scholars and writers look at the racial impact of the Hurricane Katrina disaster and the failure of governmental, corporate, and private agencies to respond to the plight of the New Orleans black community.
TAXES – We Won’t Pay: A Tax Resistance Reader, edited by David M. Gross, features selections by Mahatma Gandhi, Leo Tolstoy, Henry David Thoreau, Allen Ginsberg, Julia Butterfly, and others.

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