Biden Hath Spoketh

Only Iranians can determine if "they’re existentially threatened" by Israel, said Igor Ivanovich Sechin, the Vice President of Russia over the weekend. "If the Ahmadinejad government decides to take a course of action different than the one being pursued now, that is their sovereign right to do that," continued the VP. "That is not our choice." Russia "cannot dictate to another sovereign nation what they can and cannot do."
Well, not exactly.
I took the liberty to replace Iran for Israel in the above quotes for dramatic effect. Oh, and, of course, these words were uttered by the U.S. VP and not by Igor.
The point is that everyone is aware that, rhetorical saber-rattling aside, if Iran were to move in as much as an inch to threaten Israel seriously it would be attacked in no time.
But not so with Israel.
The U.S. officials think Israel not only has the so-called "right to exist" (a non-existent right insofar as international conventions are concerned) but the "right of aggression" based on its own assessment of threats!! The U.S. and its client states have the right to violate the Article 51 of the U.N. Charter if they so choose.
Well, what’s new? The weak must always abide by the laws. The strong, well: the rules aren’t written for them.
And, Obama isn’t going to change that. Only those suffering from Obamautopics may think that he is going to dismantle the empire and ensure international law applies to friend and foe alike.

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