Multi-Culturalism or Multi-Segregation?

The word “multiculturalism” evokes, in Toronto, images of a sausage-fest on College Street’s “Little Italy,” or a Souvlaki-fest on the Danforth’s “Greek Town,” Kebob-fests on Gerrard Street’s South Asian Quarter, or any of the other food-fests, dance-fests, and bikini contests, on selected steamy summer days.

But while you eat to the sub-standard musical bands, and their even worse tunes, do not entertain any legal, cultural, or political notions of “multiculturalism.” They do not exist.

The political, cultural, and legal parameters of “multiculturalism” come down to this: Anglo-Saxons (philes) and “Pure Wool” Quebecois are a superior animal to everyone else, including native Canadians, and the rest of us can “enjoy” and “celebrate” our “multiculturalism.” So, while you are chomping down on a sausage, souvlaki, chapatti, or kebob, during one of these fests, try and digest a bit of politics and law.

In 1982, when the Charter of Rights was enacted, s. 27 was included and it reads:

This Charter shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canadians.

Does this mean a right to public funding of non-denominational schools other than those of the Anglo and Franco majorities? No. The Supreme Court of Canada slammed that door. Only the two superior races have those language rights.

Does it mean funding of hospitals, which serve “multiculturalism”? No. French-speaking hospitals have the right say the Courts, and obviously the rest will be English.

Does it mean any proportionate airtime on the publicly funded CBCs, TVOs, and other public airwaves? Not a chance. You have to struggle for “private” CRTC licenses.

Does it mean representative judicial or civil servant appointments? Burst a hernia laughing at that notion. No more than 1.7% of all upper Federal civil servants are of non-Anglo or non-Franco origin. The federal judiciary is no more racially integrated than was South Africa’s under Apartheid. There are no non-white judges at the Supreme Court of Canada, Federal or Tax Courts of Canada. Pushers of multiculturalism will point to the rare, token, too often conservative appointments, which serve the master races, as the opiate of success. The numeric and demographic sobriety and cold turkey tells a different story.

This “multiculturalism” sees the cultural descendants of Caesar, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, Meucci, Marconi and Fermi relegated to serving sausage on College Street, and the cultural descendants of Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, the Souvlaki on the Danforth, and the Indo and Arab races, who gave us, amongst other things the zero, mathematics, and our entire western cultural legacy back in the Middle Ages, by translating from Arabic what we had burnt and lost in Latin and Greek, are in turn busy fending off the envelope of “terrorism.”

It does not stop there; the superior races of this country will not even leave history alone. Thus the likes of Cristoforo Colombo, Giovanni Cabotto are anglicized into the “John Cabots” of ethnically cleansed Canadian history. A Da Vinci exhibit, at Montreal’s premier museum was entitled, “Selected works of Leonard De Vince.” Vancouver archivists, in the 1930s, changed Spanish and Portuguese names and references into English in homage to Lord Vancouver. Canadians, notwithstanding resolutions #269 on September 25th, 2001, passed the US Congress, recognizing Antonio Meucci as the inventor of the telephone, years before Bell, still go on with Graham Bell in the greatest Canadian contest as the inventor of the telephone. The list goes on.

And what about business, is multiculturalism good for business? You bet’ya. But whose business? Consider that, in Canada, the civil service is the biggest employer. Government has become the biggest business. So are government contracts. Which mouths of our multicultural society receive the biggest slices of the government?

The ghettoization of multiculturalism benefits the two racial and racist elites of Canada. It also benefits the very small number of “multiculturalism” brothels, which extol the virtues of this nonsense for their own limited financial gain to the detriment of the equality and dignity of the rest of us. These cultural collaborators who spread their wallets, sometimes unaware of the damage, are completely ignorant of the history of “multiculturalism” is a recent, post WWII phenomenon, continues on.

The business of “multiculturalism” is also good for big business. So multinational food companies advertise inedible pizza sold by a handful of counterfeit wise guys. Hate propaganda that appeals to non-Italians, all in pursuit of a bigger market-share. Fast-food chains now peddle the “ethnic” food as their own.

This is another feature of multiculturalism: bring us your money, your talent, and your best products and we’ll make them ours. But don’t ask for anything in exchange. Do not ask for any semblance of equality or dignity when it comes to substantive rights to opportunity, government service, or institutional inclusion.

For “multiculturalism” to work, all members of all cultures must enjoy an equal footing. Not just two select races who obtained it through military aggression, ethnic domination and near-cultural genocide. But then again if we were all treated equally the very notion would necessarily disappear. While we can talk about multiculturalism on a planetary scale, it is nonsense to do so within a polity that institutionally, constitutionally, and historically demands recognition of two superior races.

Thus, it only makes any sense when multiculturalism is the bone thrown to us dogs by the English and French masters.

With that bone comes the super myth that multiculturalism equals mutual tolerance. A closer examination is that it is a mutual and exclusive ghettoization, which is now moving towards blatant institutional segregation through such things as Sharia Courts, a private “multicultural alternative” to the “public” Courts. What is “public” is Anglo and Franco, what is “private,” in the name of “multiculturalism/” is everything else splintered and denigrated on race, religion and language.

This limited, exaggerated and homogenously insulting stereotype, permitted by the two superior races, is what you see on the streets during the food and dance fests. It is so because it is palatable to such a reptilian view of who we are. They ignore and stifle the scientists, inventors, architects, writers, and jurists amongst us, and our accomplishments.

As a constitutional lawyer, the notion of “multiculturalism” as it has been peddled, abused, exploited by the ruling elites, and tolerated and propagated by the courts, is not only heart-burning but also constipating. I have neither the time nor tolerance for such a divisively stifling and colonizing doctrine that belongs in the Victorian age.

As a vegetarian, I have just as little taste or palate for sausage, souvlaki, or kebobs. I would have thought food and dance is celebrated in the banquet and dance hall, not in the streets as a cheap substitute for equally and inclusion of citizenship.

I cannot come close to putting it better than Martin Luther King when he said:

When you segregate a people, you inevitably discriminate against that people.

What we have in Canada is multisegregation de facto, and regrettably de jure.

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