The Campaign for Peace and Democracy and Iran

We have already responded to Edward S. Herman and David Peterson’s article, "Riding the ‘Green Wave’ at the Campaign for Peace and Democracy and Beyond" criticizing our Question & Answer on Iran. In that response, we expressed our strong objection to being accused of serving the interests of U.S. imperialism. In their later reply they assure us that they were not suggesting that we were "witting" agents of Washington; we’re relieved to learn this, though it is then a mystery why they asked if it is was just a coincidence that our views were identical to those of the U.S. government.

In fact, Herman and Peterson’s original critique was full of this sort of sly innuendo. Some more examples: CPD wants its audience to "surrender what remains of their leftist instincts"; we "encourage leftists to pull down their natural defenses against U.S. imperialism"; we claimed that "anyone strenuously opposing imperialist attacks on the former Yugoslavia and Iraq could be found guilty of apologizing for ‘murderous dictators’"; CPD’s "willing participation" in "demonizing" Ahmadinejad and "delegitimizing" the

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