Things I Wish Someone Would have Told Me

It sinks in deep, when you’re not looking
That feeling of worthlessness
It will eat you alive
No cure for it, but having a goal and reaching it
And if you can’t
There’s no god to help you
Only the lowly can help you
As you look upon them with disgust and know that you are among them
I don’t know how to break it to you, but they are better than you
Because they’ll welcome you as one of their own
While you were busy drawing the line between you and them
There is no line
And you aren’t the stuff that gold is made of
You’re just a whiny little brat that can’t figure out the simplest rules to life
Grow up
Get a job
Make yourself helpful to someone
You’re nothing but a burden on a society that can’t carry itself
Who you are doesn’t matter
Knowing thyself doesn’t matter
It’s what you do that will matter
Don’t sit here masturbating to dissatisfaction
Do and make it count, because you’re no longer the future
You are a history of wrongs that now has to be undone by your children
And if you can do nothing more
Tell them this

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