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Eve Ensler: The Women’s March heralds a renaissance of resistance

We are marching today so the next generation of girls don’t wake up with poisonous nightmares, but with radiant dreams

Juan Cole: All the terrible things Trump plans to do to Women (besides that one)

The administrative and legal changes proposed by Trump or his cabinet nominees will inflict harm on millions of American women

Immanuel Wallerstein: China and the United States: Partners?

The United States dreams of reproducing a Yalta-like arrangement with China

Zaid Jilani: Donald Trump Preaches Angry Nationalism, While Practicing Goldman Sachs Capitalism

With a cabinet whose combined net worth is greater than that of a third of America combined, it’s likely that many, many Americans will continue to be ignored

George Monbiot: Donald Trump’s mission? To keep the US in the fossil age

While China invests heavily in renewable energy, the fossil economy in the US will be given the green light to squeeze every last cent from oil and coal

Jeremy Scahill: Trump Education Nominee Betsy DeVos Lied to the Senate

There are many reasons Betsy DeVos’s nomination to serve as Donald Trump’s education secretary could be justifiably quashed by the U.S. Senate. Her long public record indicates she is a religious Christian zealot who does not believe in the actual separation of church and state, wants public monies funneled into religious schools, and has contributed Read more…

Samantha Winslow: Teachers Protest Trump, DeVos in 200 Districts

Their top issues include fighting for school funding, defending immigrant students, and opposing Trump’s nomination of billionaire Republican donor and lobbyist Betsy DeVos

Gary Younge: Trump: The Bully in Charge

To watch Trump take the oath was to bear witness to democracy’s fragility

Jenee Desmond-Harris: What the Women’s March Wants

“What are they doing out there?” “What do they want?” “What’s their goal?” If there’s a protest or demonstration, you can count on an observer asking these questions from the sidelines. And, to be fair, the answer is less than obvious when tens of thousands of diverse people have gathered, with signs, chants, and group Read more…

Frances Fox Piven: Throw Sand in the Gears of Everything

When it comes to stopping Trump, petitions aren’t going to do it.

Juan Cole: Translating Trump’s inaugural Speech

Donald Trump’s inaugural speech, like the candidate himself, was a chain of falsehoods, saber-rattling and scary Neofascist uber-nationalism. But it could be difficult to follow because so much of it seemed stolen from the mass politics of the 1930s in central and southern Europe. So here is a plain English translation of some key passages. Today’s Read more…

RoseAnn DeMoro: Access to Buying Insurance Is Not Health Coverage

Unpack the evasions and you have the Ayn Rand Tea Party philosophy in a nutshell.

Conn Hallinan: Europe: Brexit, Lexit or Continental Solidarity?

It’s possible that the EU cannot be reformed, but popular resistance could provide an alternative to disintegration

Pete Dolack: Eight people own as much as half the world

Just when it seemed we might be running out of superlatives to demonstrate the monstrous inequality of today’s capitalism, Oxfam has provided the most dramatic example yet: Eight individuals, all men, possess as much wealth as the poorest 50 percent of humanity. Eight people have as much as 3.7 billion people. How could this be? Read more…

Naomi Klein: “This is a Corporate Coup d’État”

A discussion about the role of corporations inside the Trump administration and the inauguration

Noam Chomsky: Is Trump Consistent?

Talk on a Trump presidency

David Swanson: Six Things We Should Do Better As Everything Gets Worse

Build power in towns, cities, states, and through alliances across borders

Bob Peterson: School Privatizer to Head US Department of Education

Betsy DeVos has spent her entire adult life — and her family’s considerable wealth — mounting campaigns to transfer public dollars away from public schools and into private and religious schools

Alison Flowers: What Happens to Innocent People When They Are Freed?

An excerpt from Exoneree Diaries: The Fight for Innocence, Independence, and Identity

Lonnie Ray Atkinson: Unsafe Words: Ain’t my fault

A look at violence in the U.S.

Ruth Fowler: Standing With Standing Rock: Of Pipelines and Protests

We came away having played a small part in a narrative that was not yet played out, but it was a role which gave everyone strength to fight the coming regime

Ron Daniels: Eradicate “Trumpism”

This critical season of resistance and mobilizing/organizing can change the course of history. We are the majority.

Patrick Bond: Tripping up Trumpism through global Boycott Divestment Sanctions

Certainly one way to test how powerful Trumpism may become, is to tackle it where its Achilles Heel stands out most – climate change – and with a well-tested strategy and tactics: BDS USA

Arun Gupta: More than 1,600 factory workers are being fired after Trump said he’d save their jobs — here’s what they have to say

“Trump stood on stage and lied about 1,100 jobs being saved at Carrier in Indianapolis.”

Various Contributors: Women’s March on Washington – Why We March, Where We Are Marching

We believe that Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights

Micah White: Without a path from protest to power, the Women’s March will end up like Occupy

Social activists have succumbed to one of the most enduring myths of contemporary American protest. It’s time to consider what happens the day after

Conn Hallinan: The European Union and the Left

The left will have to sideline some of the disputes that divide it and reach out to new constituencies. If it does not, the right has a dangerous narrative waiting in the wings

Vijay Prashad: The Trump Team Is Hell-Bent on Threatening World Security by Escalating Against Iran

Secretary of Defense James Mattis and his National Security Advisor Mike Flynn have a bizarre obsession with Iran

Paul Street: Divide and Rule: Class, Hate, and the 2016 Election

We cannot fall prey anymore to the reigning message that meaningful democratic participation consists of going into a voting booth to mark a ballot once every four years and then going home

Daniel Read: Politics and Intrigue: Israel’s plan to “take down” British politicians backfires

What is new is just how self-assured Tel Aviv has become in pursuing its agenda overseas in defiance of any notion of transparency, accountability or respect for the governmental process of a long-standing ally

William deBuys: New From Trump University: Election Rigging 101

Key protections provided by the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were gutted in 2013 by a Supreme Court more blatantly political than any in living memory

Khalil Gibran Muhammad: No Racial Barrier Left to Break (Except All of Them)

We cannot engineer a more equitable nation simply by dressing up institutions in more shades of brown. Instead, we must confront structural racism and the values of our institutions

Henry A. Giroux: Militant Hope in the Age of Trump

The United States stands at the endpoint of a long series of attacks on democracy, and the choices faced by the American public today point to the divide between those who are committed to democracy and those who are not. Debates over whether Donald Trump was a fascist or Hillary Clinton was a right-wing warmonger Read more…

Alfredo Lopez: The Whatsapp Scandal

The house with the built-in backdoor

Nesrin Abdullah: ‘We also fight for a mental and intellectual liberation’

YPJ (Women’s Defense Units) Spokeswoman Nesrin Abdullah described Raqqa operation that was launched at the end of 2016 and led by the YPJ as the operation to avenge all women

Norman Solomon: Democrats Need to Stop Throwing Everything They Can at Trump

The Logan Act is antithetical to free speech and other vital liberties

Vijay Prashad: Magician’s dust

No general policy will be produced to tackle the acute underemployment and unemployment problem in the U.S. The magician will throw dust in the air and everyone will applaud

Dahr Jamail: James Mattis Is a War Criminal: I Experienced His Attack on Fallujah Firsthand

It is clear that Trump’s secretary of defense selection of Mattis, an unprosecuted war criminal, is yet another egregious act against justice and the rule of international law

Madeleine Ellis-Petersen: Utopia: Work less play more

A shorter working week would benefit everyone

David M. Kotz: It Can Happen Here

The rise of a right-wing nationalist regime in the United States is now a realistic possibility

Shamus Cooke: Inauguration Day and Beyond

The shock of Trump’s victory has pushed millions of people into political action for the first time. The revolutionary potential of this is immense, and can be easily underestimated

Juan Cole: Trump feuds with Merkel, EU, BMW, NATO, China, CIA but not with Putin

Trump said he likes Germany and respects Merkel, but that he disagreed with her decision to admit large numbers of what he called “illegals” from Syria

Charlie Clarke: We must transform Momentum beyond just its structures

‘For politics to be transformative, it means that through engaging in meetings and actions, you become something else’

Sarah Lazare: Chelsea Manning Decision Gives Supporters Reason to Cheer

Obama administration commutes majority of sentence following sustained pressure from social movements

Juan Cole: Along with pardoning Manning, Obama should have repealed 1917 Espionage Act

Pardoning one person, however praiseworthy, doesn’t make up for developing anti-democratic techniques that have now been passed on to the most anti-democratic government in recent decades

Ramzy Baroud: The Balancing Act is Over: What Elor Azaria Taught Us about Israel

Historical fact shows that Israel is not experiencing a real transition, but what is truly faltering is Israel’s balancing act

Dean Baker: Davos Man Is a Neanderthal Protectionist

Davos Man has no particular interest in a free market or unregulated economic system. They only object to interventions that reduce their income

James McEnteer: Mourning Again in America

“I could never throw roses to Hitler” * Or shake Henry Kissinger’s hand Or embrace a place whose bombs leave children Bleeding to death in the sand. I could never make nice to Dick Cheney That merchant of torture and death Or Putin, Duterte or Erdogan All killers with foul lying breath. I don’t want Read more…

Edward Snowden: History of Intelligence Agencies

On January 15th acTVism Munich organized its largest event yet that took place under the title “Freedom & Democracy – Global Issues in Context”

Matt Taibbi: Insane Clown President: Chronicling the Election of “Billionaire Hedonist” Donald Trump

A look at the rise of Trump, and those joining his administration

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