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Sharon Zhang: “We Are Witnessing a Judicial Coup in Process”

The Supreme Court’s next session starting in October is shaping up to be equally severe

Rapid Transition Alliance: Keeping cool without costing the earth

The understanding that climate change is as much of a health issue as an environmental one is becoming widely accepted

The Poor People's Campaign: 7 Steps Before the Midterms

We call on all poor and low-wealth people to march in mass assembly from here to the polls this November and to use your vote to make your voices heard

Marjorie Cohn: SCOTUS EPA Ruling Signals Court Will Strike Down Rules Limiting Corporate Profit

This frightening decision could preempt new regulations the Biden administration’s EPA is developing to fight climate change

Austin Ahlman: “We Will Primary Everybody”

Democrats Don’t Have a Plan, but Abortion Rights Activists Do

Jake Johnson: US Supreme Court Drops Carbon Bomb on the Planet

One Democratic senator warned the right-wing majority’s ruling “could unleash a new era of reckless deregulation that will gut protections for all Americans and the environment.”

Nolan Higdon: Defund the Democratic Party

More Republicans in Office will Not Save Abortion Rights, but History has Shown, Neither Will More Democrats

Michael Waldman: Originalism Run Amok at the Supreme Court

Originalism, as used by this Court, just provides cover for a right-wing polit­ical agenda. It is a threat to democracy

Suzanne Gordon: Warriors@Amazon

How Bezos and His Company Wrap Themselves in The Flag

Robert Reich: The beginning of the end of regulation

The radical Supreme Court is giving the big business backers of the GOP exactly what they paid for

Brett Wilkins: Grave Warnings as Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case That Threatens ‘Future of Voting Rights’

“An extreme decision here could fundamentally alter the balance of power in setting election rules in the states and provide a path for great threats to elections.”

Ted Glick: Si, Se Puede on November 8

A look at Power Concedes Nothing: How Grassroots Organizing Wins Elections

Juan Cole: ürkiye gets its Way on Kurdish Groups, agrees to Swedish, Finnish NATO Bids

So Erdogan got the commitments he wanted on the Kurdish groups accused of terrorism, including the YPG, about which there is disagreement among NATO members.

Mikael Wolfe: After Gustavo Petro’s Historic Victory, the Battle to Change Colombia Is Just Beginning

Colombians have elected a left-wing president for the very first time in the country’s history

Serge Halimi: The Bourgeois Bloc

Just a few months ago, the French political situation seemed to be smiling on Emmanuel Macron

Ewan Gibbs: Mick Lynch media mania – the appeal of workers’ power

Style backed by serious politics can cut through in a hostile media landscape

Ben Huff: Faculty win union election after 5-year struggle in Santa Clara

Please Help ZNet           Source: Liberation The author is a California Faculty Association (CFA) member at CSU Long Beach On June 21, the adjunct and lecturer faculty at Santa Clara University voted to form a union. Approximately 62% of the 544 non-tenured, tenure track faculty participated in the election with an overwhelming Read more…

Noam Chomsky: Overturn of “Roe” Shows How Extreme an Outlier the US Has Become

Please Help ZNet           Source: Truthout Photo by Vic Hinterlang/Shutterstock   An NPR/Ipsos poll released in January revealed that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe that U.S. democracy is “in crisis and at risk of failing.” What the poll does not disclose, of course, is the anomalous situation of the United Read more…

Naomi Klein: The Supreme Court’s Shock-and-Awe Judicial Coup

The rolling judicial coup coming from this court is by no means over

Brett Wilkins: US ‘Witnessing a Judicial Coup in Process’

“It is our duty to check the Court’s gross overreach of power in violating people’s inalienable rights and seizing for itself the powers of Congress and the president.”

Various Contributors: Labor Condemns Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe v. Wade

Numerous unions condemned the Supreme Court’s decision to end the constitutional right to an abortion

Sameena Rahman: NATO officially adds China to its list of enemies

NATO’s actions before and during the summit are aimed at triggering a new Cold War with China and Russia

Sara Herschander: NATO summit met with wave of creative protests

From a die-in at Picasso’s Guernica to an alternative peace summit, climate and antiwar activists made their “No to NATO” demands clear

Neal Meyer: New York DSA Stood Strong Against an Establishment Counterattack

The Democratic Socialists of America beat back the attacks on incumbents and successfully expanded its bench in Albany

Nayyirah Shariff: Flint Residents Outraged

Charges Dropped in Deadly Water Scandal That Poisoned Majority-Black City

Jonathan Cook: How Spooks and Establishment Journalists Are Circling The Wagons

Please Help ZNet             Source: Mint Press News Analysis — Earlier this month, Russia banned 29 British journalists, including several from the BBC and The Guardian, on the grounds that they were “associated with the defense complex”. That claim was not, at least in all cases, quite as preposterous as Read more…

George Monbiot: Why are we feeding crops to our cars when people are starving?

Modern biofuels are touted as a boon for the climate. But, used on a large scale, they are no more sustainable than whale oil

Joe Mayall: Non-Police Public Safety Alternatives Work. Denver’s Star Program Proves It

Denver’s STAR program led to a 34 percent drop in crime in its operating districts since 2020

Teddy Ostrow: US workers are pushing unions into the mainstream

After decades in a rut, the US labor movement appears to be reinvigorated

Jack Rasmus: G7 and the Desperation Stage of Russian Sanctions

Like most of the previous six phases of sanctions the purpose of the latest is to deprive Russia of revenues from exports

David Swanson: NATO and Russia Both Aim to Fail

Both sides are thus mindlessly escalating toward nuclear war

Bill Fletcher: The Algerian Revolution—60 years later

The victory of the Algerian Revolution was a beacon for Black revolutionaries and anti-imperialists around the world

Anne Rumberger: The Abortion Rights Movement Must Now Turn to Grassroots Organizing and Direct Action

Millions of people are pissed off and ready to fight for reproductive freedom — and they aren’t looking to the Democrats to save them

Brett Wilkins: Progressives Launch ‘Four More’ Campaign to Demand Supreme Court Expansion

“In a true democracy, power rests with the people,” one campaigner asserted. “And the only way to take our power back is to take back the court.”

Rafael de la Rubia: Growing hope for humanity

65 countries in Vienna say no to atomic weapons in TPNW declaration

William J. Astore: Why Going “Hard” Is Taking the Easy Way Out

Hardening Schools and Arming Teachers Is the Wrong Approach

Christine Ahn: The Feminist Response to RIMPAC and the U.S. War Against China

From Hawai’i to Okinawa, women leaders across the Asia and the Pacific offer an alternative to great power competition

William rivers Pitt: Experts Are Worried About the Potential of Another Brutal COVID Winter

Let us find our way to the new year without walking on a road of bones, again

Chris Brooks: Rethinking the Old Organizing Rules

Union leaders need to retool their organizing tactics to fit a moment when workers are leading the way

Erik Ayala: Dallas teachers show up in force to demand fair pay for staff

Unionists and the community showed up to demonstrate that they’re not backing down. The fight is just beginning

Badri Raina: First Rain

Please Help ZNet       The first shower of June Has come and gone, Like a prodigal, commiserating But not intending to stay. Even rain catches fire In the heated hatred of our day.   I do not know which is better— To live with the devouring sun That, like right-wing politics, makes No Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: How Polio Shaped My Life

One great difference between the two epidemics and their consequences is that Covid-19 killed far more people

Boris Kagarlitsky: Putin’s War Driven by Domestic Politics

NATO expansion and the defense of Donbas are not the primary motivations for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Stoking nationalism to shore up support for Putin’s government is

Steve Ellner: Why Isn’t Trump About To Be Jailed For His Criminal Behavior?

It’s because of the Center-Right alliance in effect since 1876 remains intact

Sam Biddle: Facebook Labels Abortion Rights Vandals as Terrorists Following Roe Reversal

Any discussion of Jane’s Revenge, which is responsible for a series of vandalism attacks and threatening statements, is now subject to Facebook’s most stringent restrictions

Brett Wilkins: Jan. 6 Testimony Homes In on Trump Guilt

“Hutchinson’s testimony of the deeply detailed plans of January 6 and the inaction of those in the White House in response to the violence show just how close we came to a coup”

Medea Benjamin: NATO and a War Foretold

Instead of exploiting this crisis to expand even further, NATO should suspend all new or pending membership applications until the current crisis has been resolved

Adele Walton: Global food crisis: Blame capitalism, not Russia’s war in Ukraine

Small farmers are the world’s primary suppliers of food. It’s imperative we listen to them, not the big corporates

Julia Conley: ‘Yeah, And?’

Ocasio-Cortez Embraces GOP Freakout Over Helping Women Skirt Abortion Bans

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