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Jack Rasmus: On Those Questionable Jobs Numbers….Again!

It’s a statistical manipulation–based on a series of complex assumptions and even more complex mathematical formula adjustments of the raw jobs data–that gets reported monthly as the job numbers

Dahr Jamail: Savoring What Remains

Taking in a Climate-Changed World

Danica Jorden: Last Straw as Teachers in France Join Nationwide Strike

The “coup de grâce” for teachers was the Macron administration’s proposed teacher pension reform, in which retirement payments would be calculated based upon salaries earned throughout a teacher’s career rather than their last paychecks

Eric Levitz: Jobs, Jobs Everywhere, But Most of Them Kind of Suck

Gallup asked 6,600 U.S. workers what they saw as the defining characteristics of a “good” job, then used their answers to construct a “job-quality index.” As measured by the index only 40 percent of Americans currently have “good” jobs

Richard Falk: Learning from Others (about racism in German and the American South)

A look at Susan Neiman’s book, Learning from Others: Race and the Problem of Evil (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2019)

Alexander Zaitchik: Can Latin America Reject Oil, Ranching, and Mining?

“In both Bolivia and Brazil, the forests are in flames.”

Raul Zibechi: Elections or autonomy?

Notes from a Trawün Mapuche in Chile

Juan Cole: Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Wag the Dog Move

Moves to Annex 25% of Palestinian West Bank

Kirkpatrick Sale: Political Collapse: The Center Cannot Hold

Given the turmoil over wars and immigration threats, it is not surprising that half the world is without coherent government.

Hilda Flavia Nakabuye: “It’s Our Future”

Interview with two youth climate strikers

Green New Deal for Europe: A Blueprint for Europe’s Just Transition

Green New Deal for Europe is launching a comprehensive policy vision to decarbonize the EU by 2030 and deliver environmental justice around the world

Mehdi Hasan: Facebook Is an Engine of Anti-Muslim Hate the World Over

Mark Zuckerberg, you know all this. You do. You can’t plead ignorance

Bertie Russell: This small German town took back the power – and went fully renewable

Wolfhagen demonstrates that innovative approaches to the ownership and governance of utilities can not only unlock further cooperative capital investment, but also create new forms of democratic engagement in their governance

Elizabeth King: Green New Deal Supporters Are Showing Up for Workers

As concepts like a just transition and the ideals encapsulated in the Green New Deal gain traction among progressives, labor union and climate organizers are coordinating around their shared goals

Julie Hollar: Media Turn Support for Public Schools Into Opposition to Children of Color

It’s a classic charter (and voucher) argument that manages to paint the policy as having only the best interests of the poor at heart, even as it promotes inequality by offering access to a few lifeboats rather than repairing the ship

Leslie D. Gregory: Impeachment (and removal): Good for public health

Funding for mental health care for military members is woefully inadequate–in an era when Trump is radically increasing funding for more nuclear weapons–the ultimate threat ever made to public health

Raul Camargo: Anticapitalists: ‘We need a left that is not a crutch for the PSOE’

What is clear is that Podemos, as the catalysing force of all the alternative left in the State, has come to an end. But that does not mean that something alternative will be created immediately. It will emerge, but the timelines are set by history

Torsten Bewernitz: Syndicalism for the Twenty-First Century

From Unionism to Class-Struggle Militancy

John Feffer: Inside the Battle for Another World

Understanding how the new right went global — and how to stop it — is key to keeping our planet habitable

Danny Haiphong: This Holiday Season, American Workers Have Little to Celebrate

At this moment, the neoliberal race to the bottom has rendered most workers too fearful, disorganized, and full of self-blame to fight back

Juan Cole: Green Steel

How to get Low-Carbon Electric Cars and Buildings

Adam Peggs: The end of neoliberalism in sight?

If elected, the next Labour government can finally depart from the neoliberal consensus and deliver a major shift in wealth and power

Karen Dolan: The Poor Are Fighting Back

Trump has declared war on the poor, but they are fighting back

Jon Queally: Only 2020 Candidate Whose Plan ‘Can Save Our Planet’

US Youth Climate Strike Leaders Endorse Bernie Sanders for President

Maritime Union of Australia: A just transition for fossil fuel workers

The Victorian and Commonwealth Governments are being urged to back the emerging offshore wind sector, drastically reducing carbon emissions while providing quality jobs for workers transitioning out of fossil fuel industries

Kollibri terre Sonnenblume: Do Bernie’s Supporters Know What “Not Me, Us” Means?

If Bernie wins the election, that’s when the real work for “us” begins. There will be no honeymoon. The corporate Dems and the corporate media will be giving him hell starting Nov. 4th

Aminatou Haidar: Decades of Peaceful Resistance

For over three decades, Aminatou Haidar has led a peaceful campaign to resist the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara, which is often called Africa’s last colony

Brian Tokar: Climate Talks in Madrid: What will it take to prevent climate collapse?

With a new generation of activists in the streets demanding more serious climate action and clamoring for climate justice, we may be seeing the beginnings of a movement that can finally turn things around

Jack Rasmus: Trump vs. Democracy

The correlation between the rise and expansion of Neoliberalism and the decline of democracy in the US is irrefutable

Vijay Prashad: The Oppressive State Is a Macho Rapist

There are a range of reasons why violence against women remains high, and perhaps has inched upwards. These go from entrenched patriarchal ideas to economic vulnerability

Walden Bello: How the Battle of Seattle Made the Truth About Globalization True

Twenty years ago, experts refused to see the truth about the dark side of globalization. Then Seattle happened

David Kotz: Reinforcing the Trade War?

Interview on how the U.S.’s hardened trade stance has nothing to do with human rights, despite new reports of the massive human rights violations of the Uighurs, a Muslim minority in western China

Edward Snowden: Private Truths

If I Came Back to the U.S., I Would Likely Die in Prison for Telling the Truth

Norman Solomon: Kerry’s Endorsement of Biden Fits

Two Deceptive Supporters of the Iraq War

Forrest Hylton: Bolivia’s Coup Government Is a Far-Right Horror Show

The coup-makers that violently deposed Evo Morales last month haven’t even tried to hide their far-right politics. Racist revanchism, backed by Christian fundamentalism, is now the order of the day in Bolivia

Louis Proyect: Michael Bloomberg and Me

Unlike Donald Trump, whose knowledge of how to take advantage of bankruptcy laws surpasses anything he knows about hotel construction, Bloomberg is a representative of the big bourgeoisie, ranked sixth richest in the USA and fourteenth in the world

Richard Greeman: French Unions and Yellow Vests Converge, Launch General Strike

This latest, and most sweeping of Macron’s two years’ string of neo-liberal attacks on social welfare may prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back

Ted Nace: Fossil Fuel Production Plans Could Push Earth off a Climate Cliff

The United Nations is beginning its climate summit in Madrid. Their new report says that if all booked fossil fuel reserves are burned, it could lead to a cataclysmic rise of global temperature by 2100

Hussein A. Amery: Climate, not conflict, drove many Syrian refugees to Lebanon

Many refugees told me that even if their home region became physically safe to return to, they would not go back. They feared they would be unable to eke out a living from the increasingly arid land

Rebecca Gordon: What’s Wrong With the Republicans?

Fruits of the Twin Roots of Evil: Slavery and Imperial Expansion

Jenny Ricks: As Global Inequality Rises, So Are the Movements Fighting It

A new report gathers insights from over 170 activists on the frontlines of inequality struggles in 23 countries on how to build and sustain their movements

Chelsea Hoglen: Building Power And Raising Voices Of Rural Women

Rural women have served as the educators, healthcare givers, nurturers, and fighters for our community for generations. Now the women of Down Home are carrying forward this torch

James S. Bikales: Harvard’s Graduate Student Union Begins Strike

“As the richest University in the country, Harvard can afford to provide good jobs to all of its workers—jobs that take into account the skyrocketing cost-of-living in Boston and the specific concerns and needs of its employees”

Badri Raina: Onions 2

A great worry is off my mind About the soaring price of onions; The FM does not onions eat— So why worry about the minions   Who only the lowly onion eat, As a disobedient act Against the Minister’s taste in food, And from political disrespect.   There was once an Antoinette Who saw no Read more…

Vijay Prashad: Wealthy countries’ approach to climate change condemns hundreds of millions to suffer

A Green New Deal in the West is not going to be sufficient if this deal does not include trillions of dollars into the UN’s Green Climate Fund and the transfer of technology as a social practice and not for profit

Ell Jarl: My Generation Needs to Say “Enough”

A Swedish Climate Striker Speaks Out About Fridays For Future

Sam Pizzigati: Football without Billionaires?

Why Not? Fed-up sports fans are stirring, and progressive pols worldwide are beginning to take notice

Bob Lord: The U-Turn that Turned America Staggeringly Unequal

For decades in the mid 20th century, our nation’s grandest private fortunes were becoming less pronounced. And then . . .

Dean Baker: NAFTA Was About Redistributing Upward

A major feature of NAFTA was the requirement that Mexico strengthen and lengthen its patent and copyright protections. These barriers are 180 degrees at odds with expanding trade and removing barriers

Marcela Olivera: Talking About Ecuador’s Political Prisoners

Interview on various political prisoners in Ecuador who are supporters of former President Rafael Correa

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