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Danny Sjursen: Undercover Patriots

Trump, Tulsa, and the Rise of Military Dissent

Walden Bello: The Far Right: Formidable but not Unbeatable

What steps can be taken by left in both the global South and the global North to challenge, compete with, and, in the end, vanquish the right?

David Adler: Exit Closed

With popular support for the EU on the rise, a left-wing exit no longer looks feasible. So where do we go from here?

David Bacon: Will the New NAFTA Make the Pandemic Worse for Mexicans?

For Mexican workers, farmers, and the poor, the pandemic and the new treaty replacing NAFTA are a devastating one-two punch

Sheri Fink: Houston Hospitals Struggle with “Astonishing” Rise in Coronavirus Cases

. “They’ve been adding unit after unit after unit just to care for coronavirus patients.”

William rivers Pitt: If Schools Reopen This Fall, More People Will Likely Die. Full Stop.

Reopening too soon is eating the South and West alive at this very moment. If schools open next month under the current circumstances, I fear we may start painting corner after corner of the entire country “infected” red.

Marc Norton: Reopening vs. Lockdown is a False Dichotomy

The politicians don’t want to admit that the real problem is a serious lack of testing, contact tracing, and quarantining of infected people.

Robert Koehler: What about armed protests?

As soon as we pull the trigger, we’ve dehumanized the enemy and gone to war. When we go to war, nobody wins

José Dirceu de Oliveira e Silva: Brazilian Democracy Is at a Stalemate

Interview on the need for a broad front coalition to defeat Bolsonarismo

Aaron Morrison: ‘Strike for Black Lives’ to Highlight Racism – Monday, July 20

A coalition of labor unions with racial and social justice organisations will stage a mass walkout to highlight racism July 20. Groups include Service Workers (SEIU), Teamsters, Teachers, Farmworkers, Domestic Workers and the Movement for Black Lives

Zhivko Illeieff: Can We Escape Our Addiction to Social Media?

“If we open an app every day, developers are satisfied. On social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the more time we spend on the platform, the more advertising revenue flows into the pockets of tech companies—attention is currency,”

Gershon Baskin: Israelis and Palestinians must join forces in creating a new shared vision

Walls and fences are not the recipe for peace

Michael Albert: Beyond Depravity, Another World

How ironic it is to write an ode to participation and collectivity while hunkering down behind voluntarily closed doors enduring voluntarily welcomed isolation. Stupid hypocrisy? Marvelous victory? Maybe both. So it goes.

Serge Halimi: What systemic really means

Here is the core of the system: ‘white privilege’ means the power of money

Marjorie Cohn: Trump Is Trying to Hide US and Israeli War Crimes by Attacking the International Criminal Court

A war crimes complaint has been filed against Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump adviser Jared Kushner in the International Criminal Court 

Vijay Prashad: The U.S. and UK Are a Wrecking Ball Crew Against the Pillars of Internationalism

In both the case of the sanctions against the ICC and the theft of Venezuela’s gold, the United States and the UK demonstrate their disregard for international institutions and for international law

Richard D. Wolff: COVID-19 Exposes Weakness of Major Theory Used to Justify Capitalism

A positive outcome of the coronavirus disaster would be a wider appreciation that liberating ourselves from capitalism requires rejecting its self-justifying ideology of efficiency.

Randi Abramson: #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives Wants Racial Justice In The Medical Field

The healthcare industry has a long and well-documented history of racist treatment of Black and Indigenous people. Now, doctors join the movement for Black lives

Sarah Anderson: Shrink Wall Street to Guarantee Good Jobs

A new House proposal would ensure that all Americans in hard-hit areas could have a job. A tax on Wall Street windfalls would pay for it

Richard Falk: Post-COVID Prospects Assessed

Are we going for more convergence or divergence? More nationalism and divisiveness or more connectedness?

John Logan: Facebook and Its Big Tech Cronies Are Upgrading Their Anti-Union Tools

If workers continue to organize, it’s possible that Big Tech’s big brother surveillance tools may not be sufficient to quell these collective voices of protest

Andrea Germanos: ‘Historic Victory for Working People’

Seattle City Council Passes Progressive Tax on Big Business to Fund Relief

Thomas Klikauer: Our Toddler in Chief

Trump Rules by Temper Tantrums and Bullying

Ramzy Baroud: On Israel’s Bizarre Definitions: The West Bank is Already Annexed

Wednesday, July 1, was meant to be the day on which the Israeli government officially annexed 30% of the occupied Palestinian West Bank and the Jordan Valley. This date, however, came and went and annexation was never actualized.

Mike Davis: Anthony Fauci: The Last American Hero?

“America’s Doctor has accomplished great things in the past, but his hubris now makes him an accomplice of a dangerous and criminal regime

AP: New ICE Guidelines Say International Students Must Leave U.S. If Classes Go Online

“It’s going to cause enormous confusion and uncertainty,. ICE is clearly creating an incentive for institutions to reopen, regardless of whether or not the circumstances of the pandemic warrant it.”

Sam Pizzigati: Social Distancing for Mega-Million Fun and Profit

Stocks are soaring, auctioneers are hammering, and the awesomely affluent are feeling no pain

Jakeet Singh: If Governments Believe So Much in Nonviolence, They Should Try It

Important questions are being raised about why the police seem so much less skilled in nonviolent techniques of de-escalation and conflict resolution than the average bartender, ambulance attendant and social worker

Sonali Kolhatkar: The Merits of Medicare for All Have Been Proven by This Pandemic

The horror of the coronavirus pandemic proves that progressives have been justified in demanding a single-payer health care system

William D. Hartung: Police, Prisons, and the Pentagon

Defunding America’s Wars at Home and Abroad

Momtaza Mehri: Anti-racism requires so much more than ‘checking your privilege’

Self-reflection is welcome. But until we undo the structures that hold up anti-blackness across the world, injustice will persist

Sam Gindin: Transform Unions and Organize the Unemployed

Workers still have the power to shut down production but unions must have a class consciousness, including organizing the unemployed

Scott Ritter: BOUNTYGATE

Scapegoating Systemic Military Failure in Afghanistan

Michael T. Klare: A New Tonkin Gulf Incident in the Making?

Halt Trump’s rush to war in the Pacific

Thomas Klikauer: Right-Wing Resentment in Germany

Source: Countercurrents The rise of AfD right-wing extremism may well threaten Germany’s democratic society Photo by Corinna Haselmayer   The rise of AfD right-wing extremism may well threaten Germany’s democratic society. It applies even more since the AfD mutated into Björn Höcke’s national-revolutionary movement party while also moving [its focus] from the earlier scapegoat (the Read more…

Kolby KickingWoman: ‘Historic day’ for Standing Rock as pipeline company told to shut down, remove oil

A federal judge has ordered the Dakota Access Pipeline to shut down and remove all oil within 30 days, a huge win for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, and the other plaintiffs.

Arun Gupta: On Coronavirus and the Anti-Police-Brutality Uprising

An investigative reporter, Arun Gupta has been consistently ahead of the news. In September 2011, he founded The Occupy Wall Street Journal with the help of the Yes Men to help build support for the fledgling occupation in Zuccotti Park. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he warned that if elected Trump would carry out “the Read more…

Jack Rasmus: Why 3rd Quarter US Economic ‘Rebound’ Will Falter

The US is currently experiencing what might be called a ‘triple crisis’. A health crisis that shows little sign of abating. A deep economic crisis that is still in its early phases. And a ripening political crisis

Ted Glick: A Climate Movement Turning Point?

It makes sense that this fresh and hopeful wind of change sweeping across Turtle Island is impacting some of those who have some power, like federal judges, and unnerving the “them” in “them and us.”

Max Elbaum: Socialist Strategy and the Biden Debate

Should anti-capitalists urge a vote for Joe Biden to defeat Donald Trump in November 2020 or not?

Prabir Purkayastha: The World Can Show How Pharma Monopolies Aren’t the Only Way to Fight COVID-19

After his disastrous handling of the COVID-19 epidemic, Trump is trying to improve his waning electoral chances by reserving all of Gilead’s stock of remdesivir

Juan Cole: Coal and Covid

Trump Facilitates both in a backward US as Europe makes strides against Both

Matt Bruenig: The Racial Wealth Gap Is About the Upper Classes

Here’s an idea: we should redistribute wealth from the largely white 1 percent to the poor and working class of all races — tackling both racial and class inequality simultaneously.

Candice Bernd: Housing Activists Unite to Fight Mass Evictions and Defund Police

“I just don’t feel that police evicting people is a way to ‘protect and serve.’”

Jake Johnson: Sanders Calls on ‘Do-Nothing’ Senate

Approve $2,000 Monthly Checks, Cancel Rent, and Expand Medicare

Dean Baker: Unemployment Benefits Should Depend on the Pandemic

The basic point here is a simple one. If the pandemic is out of control, we should be encouraging people to stay home, not to return to work

Eve Ottenberg: Re-Organizing Labor

A look at Shaun Richman’s newly published Tell the Bosses We’re Coming

George Monbiot: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Are Trump and Johnson paving the way for fascism, or for something different, but just as bad?

Badri Raina: Life and Lexicon

Remember when we understood ‘sentiment’ As a human construct? Now, ‘sentiment’ defines the mood-swings Of the stock and share market.   When men were killed in gruesome droves, We spoke of a “blood  bath’; Now, it is currency that bleeds When the bourses take a bearish path.   And “carnage’ no longer defines A human Read more…

Eva Hershaw: Black food spaces seed sovereignty

“We cannot depend on food aid, the charity of the philanthropic community, government agencies and non-profit organizations to feed poor people. We need to not only demand but also create the engines and processes of control.”

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