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Steven Rosenfeld: GOP’s Cruel ‘Health Care’ Bill

“The ACA is not repealed. Health care for poor people, kids, the disability community and seniors is.”

Juan Cole: Pressuring Qatar to close down Aljazeera

In a bid completely to return the Middle East to the old system of strict government media censorship, four countries have demanded that Qatar close down the Aljazeera television channel

Adam Johnson: ‘Stumbling’ Into War

One of the most common tropes in US media is that the US military always goes to war reluctantly

Ramzy Baroud: The Nikki Haley Doctrine

Israel vs. the United Nations

Andrew J. Bacevich: Kissing the Specious Present Goodbye

Did History Begin Anew Last November 8th?

John Feffer: A Coming Conflict with Iran?

Behind all of Trump’s boneheaded policies in the Middle East is an unmistakable urge for confrontation with Iran

Pete Dolack: Analyzing the failures of Syriza

So many put their puts hopes into Syriza; so many were bitterly disappointed. Greece’s Coalition of the Radical Left proved wholly unable to resist the enormous pressures put on it and it is Greek working people who are paying the price, not excepting those who voted for Syriza. How should we analyze the depressing spectacle Read more…

Faiza Shaheen: Fire Fuels Movement to Tackle Inequality

Building on the momentum of the recent election, activists are demanding justice for Grenfell Tower fire victims as part of a broader agenda to narrow economic and racial divides

Rob Seimetz: Sorry I Am Not Sorry

A Letter From Millennials to Baby Boomers

Andrea Germanos: Banks Fueling Climate Disaster

Billions Poured Into ‘Extreme Fossil Fuels’

Robert Fisk: It rings hollow

What politicians said in the wake of Grenfell Tower rings hollow if you’ve seen it all before in the Middle East

Arundhati Roy: Returning to Fiction

20 years after the publication of The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy has returned to fiction and has just published her second novel, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

Diana Johnstone: The Single Party French State

Majority of Voters Abstain

Jane Kim: What’s Going On In San Francisco?

Successful ballot initiatives won a higher minimum wage, free college for all, and a much higher affordable housing component in new developments

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir: In This Cold Place

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir – In This Cold Place Official video by Steve Cutts

Zaid Jilani: Requisitioning Homes of the Rich

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has a bold proposal to house the survivors of a devastating fire at London’s Grenfell Tower apartment complex in empty luxury homes

Patrick Vitale: The Pittsburgh Fairy Tale

Pittsburgh’s much-touted revival has remade the region for the wealthy while leaving workers and the poor behind

Bernie Sanders: On Republican Health Care

Sen. Bernie Sanders delivers a speech on the Senate floor regarding Republicans’ health care plan.

Z3k3@ndZ@mi: The Fight for Health in California

A look at how the California Senate passed the “Healthy California” plan and the coming battle to make it into law

Sarah Algherbawi: Life in a septic tank

Every day, 100,000 cubic meters of raw sewage are discharged into the sea around Gaza

Varshini Prakash: Climate change and elections

When we speak in terms of people’s needs and dreams rather than inanimate carbon-things, deniers don’t stand a chance

Kathy Kelly: “Would you like a drink of water?”

This week, in New York City, representatives from more than100 countries will begin collaborating on an international treaty, first proposed in 2016, to ban nuclear weapons forever. It makes sense for every country in the world to seek a legally binding ban on nuclear weapons. It would make even more sense to immediately deactivate all Read more…

Kim Scipes: A family history of organizing

Review of A Great Vision: A Militant Family’s Journey Through the 20th Century, by Richard March

Medea Benjamin: Helping Saudi Arabia Bomb Yemen

Selling weapons to Saudi Arabia has consequences. The intense anti-US sentiment in Yemen should be a wake-up call for Americans

William D. Hartung: Destabilizing the Middle East (Yet More)

The Saudi Regime Is Playing Donald Trump With Potentially Disastrous Consequences

Amaury Rodriguez: A “Green Tide” Engulfs the D.R.

Against a history of repression, corruption, and impunity, a growing social movement in the Dominican Republic demands change

Katherine J. Cramer: How Small Towns Came to Resent Cities

The abandoned main streets show the wear and tear of an economy that has shifted away from rural people, and of public policy that has forgotten to pay attention

Christine Berry: The murderous war on our protections

Under cover of ‘cutting red tape’, the government has been slashing safety standards. It’s time for it to stop

Government of Cuba: Statement by the Government of Cuba

A response to Trump’s rollback of President Obama’s Cuba initiative

Heather Roe: Orienting New Members to Union

It’s important to build actual relationships with members

Ira Chernus: A Psychedelic Spin on “National Security”

The Summer of Surprisingly Political Love

Norman Solomon: The Media Surge Against Bernie Sanders

When the momentum of the Bernie campaign gained powerful traction as a threat to the corporate order, big media efforts to trash him went over the top

John Nichols: A Progressive Electoral Wave

The Trump-obsessed big media are mostly ignoring it, but Bernie-inspired activists are winning across the country—including in districts that went for Trump in 2016

Juan Cole: Did Trump’s Tweets embolden Bigots?

The London Mosque attack

Ryan Mallett-Outtrim: “We Need to Lead the Revolution”

Venezuelan grassroots activists say the upcoming National Constituent Assembly could be a major step forward for the country’s commune movement and could deepen the Bolivarian revolution

Badri Raina: The Sceptered Isle

The City Upon the Hill is not alone in misery, hear the groan of the Sceptered Isle, mother of Royalty. Shattered from Brexit, the mighty Britain is askance to know which side his bread is buttered. Very few now trust May to fix it. Think back to Agincourt, and Henry’s swirling sword that brought the Read more…

Ashley Finigan, Caine Jordan, Guy Emerson Mount, Kai Parker: A Case for Reparations

Julia Leakes yearned to be reunited with her family.  In 1853, her two sisters showed up for sale along with her thirteen nieces and nephews in Lawrence County, Mississippi. Julia used all the political capital an enslaved woman could muster to negotiate the sale of her loved ones to her owner, Stephen A. Douglas. Douglas’s Read more…

Ricardo Vaz: Corporate Manslaughter in London

The Grenfell Tower Fire

Chris Mcgreal: Town’s leading heroin dealer: 19 years old

In West Virginia, a young woman and a privileged physician lived very different lives. But they shared a crushing addiction

Patrick Cockburn: Theresa May’s Katrina moment

Natural and man-made disasters have frequently been the last nail in the coffin of governments that were already tottering

David Swanson: Untrump the World

Congress clearly will not self-govern. We have to impose our will. We have to understand what is needed and create it, against the concerted efforts of those in power

Rebekah Barber: Burden of being a Black woman in the South

Percent of the total U.S. African-American population living in the 13 Southern states: 52.6 Of the 10 states in which Black women make up the largest proportion of the female population, number in the South: 8 Percent of the population that is Black and female in Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi, respectively: 16.3, 16.9, 20 Number Read more…

Ginger Jentzen: A Socialist Alternative in Minneapolis

A Democratic Party resistant to enacting a $15 minimum wage inspires socialist activist to run for City Council

Ethan Young: Summing Up the Summit

On the second People’s Summit, first things first: the politics were great. The old questions about whether or not to take part in elections is settled. The Democratic Party issue is almost settled – downballot races are a priority, and most of them are and will be through Democratic campaigns. The goal of building a Read more…

Ijeoma Oluo: Unable to Afford Decent Housing

Low-income people have been dealing with the U.S. housing crisis for decades; now the problem is working its way up the income ladder

Robert Fisk: Tories & Unionists

Northern Ireland’s Protestants have always proved useful political tools for British ministers and ambitious, desperate politicians. Churchill played the “Orange card” before the First World War. Callaghan was weak enough to need the province’s Protestant Unionist MPs in 1976 and offered Northern Ireland five extra seats at Westminster. They obligingly won the lot. Almost two decades later, John Major needed their support in a minority government Read more…

George Monbiot: Press Gang

Trapped in their hall of mirrors the broadcasters and press wrote off Jeremy Corbyn. They have to change and reflect the world they report on

Jon Seidel: BLM Lawsuit Seeks Oversight of CPD

Accusing Mayor Rahm Emanuel of trying to cut a “back-room deal” with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, lawyers for Black Lives Matter Chicago and other community groups filed a class-action lawsuit Wednesday seeking federal oversight of the city’s police department. The 132-page complaint immediately blew up the debate over police reform in Chicago. It may Read more…

Eva María: Debating the Bolivarian Revolution

Hugo Chávez’s victory set into motion the Pink Tide’s deepest attempt at social transformation. What happened?

Phyllis Bennis: Bombs Won’t Eradicate Terrorism

US-backed forces are using tactics that cause a ‘staggering’ number of civilian deaths, but military action won’t defeat ISIS

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