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Ted Glick: No New Permits for Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

How much is FERC a rubber stamp agency? In 30 years, it has turned down only one gas industry permit application, in 2016

Sarah Lazare: Undocumented Communities Organized and Ready to Fight Trump’s Mass Expulsion Orders

From strikes to sanctuary campaigns, sustained resistance continues to sweep the country

Carole Cadwalladr: Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media

With links to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and Nigel Farage, the rightwing US computer scientist is at the heart of a multimillion-dollar propaganda network

Glenn Greenwald: Key Question About DNC Race: Why Did Obama White House Recruit Perez to Run Against Ellison?

It seems Democratic leaders prioritize ensuring that the left has no influence in their party over strengthening itself to beat the Trump-led Republicans

Juan Cole: Would Trump let Oscar Winner Mahershala Ali back into the Country?

Mahershala Ali, 43, last night won an Oscar for best supporting actor, in Moonlight . The film treats themes of sexual repression, gayness, and the plague of drug dealing and addiction. Moonlight, of course, also won Best Picture, after a historic error in which the winner was initially incorrectly announced as Lalaland. Ali has been Read more…

Norman Solomon: Trump Can Prove He’s Not a Putin Puppet by Blowing Up the World

We should refuse to be stampeded by the nonstop drumbeats from partisan talking points and mainline media outlets — as well as “the intelligence community”

Tom Engelhardt: The Art of the Trumpaclysm

How the U.S. Invaded, Occupied, and Remade Itself

Chris Hedges: The James Luther Adams Lecture

Let our lives be an example of the empathy and justice that all dictatorships seek to eradicate

Ryan Devereaux: Donald Trump Plans to Bypass the Courts to Deport as Many People as Possible

“Their plan is basically to have everybody thrown out of the country without ever going to court”

Stephen F. Cohen: Why We Must Oppose the Kremlin-Baiting Against Trump

 The Russia-connected allegations have created an atmosphere of hysteria amounting to McCarthyism

Gareth Porter: How ‘New Cold Warriors’ Cornered Trump

The U.S. intelligence community’s extraordinary campaign of leaks claiming improper ties between President Trump’s team and Russia seeks to ensure a lucrative New Cold War by blocking détente

Compiled by Joel Chaffee: Listings of Activist Events

Events MEDIA – The Transformative Media conference will be held March 1-4 in Washington, DC. Contact: http://tmcmedia.org/. LABOR – The Southern Labor Studies Association conference will take place from March 2-5 in Tampa, FL. Contact: Southern Labor Studies Association, c/o Department of History, P. O. Box 8795, The College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA Read more…

Liam Barrington-Bush: Solidarity Ecosystems

Over time, you notice that beneath VIO.ME’s sometimes mundane veneer, a series of radical changes are taking place. These are changes that offer alternatives to how we organize work, community and society at large.

Jack Rasmus: Despite Scrapping TPP, Donald Trump is a Dedicated Free Trader

Trump is a dedicated free trader. He just rejects multilateral, multi-country free trade deals like TPP and NAFTA. He wants even stronger, pro-U.S. business free trade deals and intends to renegotiate the existing multilateral treaties—to the benefit of U.S. multinational corporations and at the expense of the U.S. trading partners

Noam Chomsky: U.S. Health System

Article 25 of the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) states that the right to health care is indeed a human right. Yet, it is estimated that close to 30 million Americans remain uninsured even with the ACA in place.

Marienna Pope-Weidemann: Cities of Sanctuary

Racial justice activist Marienna Pope-Weidemann speaks to Peter Pedemonti, co-founder and director of the New Sanctuary Movement in Philadelphia. The City of Sanctuary movement in the U.S. goes back to 1979, when Los Angeles introduced a policy banning police officers from asking arrestees about their immigration status. Throughout the 1980s this was replicated in many Read more…

Jeremy Brecher: Social Self Defense, Part One

Trump’s presidency threatens immigrants, African Americans, Muslims, workers, women, children, the elderly, the disabled, LGBTQ people, and many others. Indeed, it threatens all that holds us together as a society. We the people—society—need to defend ourselves against this threat

David Bacon: What Trump Can and Can’t Do to Immigrants

Immigrant labor is more vital to many industries than it’s ever been before. Immigrants have always made up most of the country’s farm workers in the West and Southwest. Today, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, about 57 percent of the country’s entire agricultural workforce is undocumented. But the list of other industries dependent on immigrant labor is long—meatpacking, some construction trades, building services, healthcare, restaurant and retail service, and more

William Boardman: Trump Inaugural “This American Carnage” Annotated

Is there any possible truth in this promise from a candidate who lost the popular vote, the vote of the people? What mechanism has Trump even hinted at that would provide for greater local government control anywhere? Trump’s determination to cut back on regulations is designed to empower corporations, not local governments, and certainly not individuals

Michael Winship: Donald Trump’s Mission Creep Just Took A Giant Leap Forward

You can see in the chaos a pattern: the political, religious and financial right collaborating to move America further from the norms of democracy with the triumph of one-party, one-man rule. There’s never been anything like it in our history.

Pete Dolack: Owning Half the World

The Oxfam report, in its conclusions, advocates a switch to a “human economy,” one in which governments are “accountable to the 99 percent,” businesses would be oriented toward policies that “increase prosperity for all,”

Juan Cole: Trump’s Plan for Women

The Hill reports that the Trump budget may well slash Federal funding for the 25 programs that grew out of the Violence against Women Act.

Marjorie Cohn: Manning’s Ordeal

After overseeing the aggressive prosecution and near-seven- year incarceration of Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning, President Obama—in one of his last acts in office—commuted all but four months of her remaining sentence but ignored the fact that he had taken no action on the war crimes that Manning revealed

Tom Clifford: China’s Silk Road

OBOR is not the name of an ancient king or kingdom, but it does resonate with an ambition imperial in its scope. OBOR—One Belt, One Road—is China’s “new Silk Road” and is spinning a web of connectivity by sea and land across Central Asia and into Europe

Ramzy Baroud: Clamoring for Israeli Approval: Trump’s Election Policies Will Haunt Him

The fact is that Trump’s lack of clear foreign policy that aims at creating stability—not rash decisions to win lobby approval—is a dangerous political strategy

Ruth Benn: Refusing to Pay Income Taxes for the Trump Agenda

Riding the tide of the current popularity of George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, longtime war tax resister Ed Hedemann has proposed that new resisters reduce their payments to the IRS

Juan Cole: Spurned Reporters should dump Trump Briefings, turn to Investigative Journalism

So here’s to Trump excluding virtually all the newspapers and cable channels. Let him. Go get the scoops he doesn’t want you to have

George Lakey: Inequality is the real backstory to Sweden’s riots

What’s changed is that Sweden has been retreating in recent decades from its earlier commitment to economic equality

Conor Lynch: Will Americans submit to despotism in an urge to “escape from freedom”? Erich Fromm saw it coming

Pioneering psychologist Erich Fromm explained the rise of Hitler with an analysis that seems way too relevant now

Michelle Latimer: From Standing Rock to the Red Power Movement: New Series “RISE” Focuses on Indigenous Resistance

Interview on a new series that examines indigenous resistance past and present, from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation’s resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline to “Red Power,” which looks at past indigenous resistance and the evolution of the Red Power Movement

Dominic Rushe: ‘I was naive’: after losing healthcare battle, factory workers fear next blow

After 105 days on strike, the billionaires – including Donald Trump’s ‘jobs czar’ – won, leaving many Momentive workers unhappy and worried about their futures

Sue Sturgis: Congressional town halls become forums for anti-GOP resistance

Lawmakers were heckled and booed this week at town halls from Florida to Iowa

Pete Dolack: The bait and switch of public-private partnerships

The ruthless logic of capitalism is that a commodity goes to those who can pay the most, regardless of whether it is something essential to human life

David Swanson: 100 Years of Using War to Try to End All War

The massive peace movement that outlawed war in 1928, had been widespread, mainstream, and aggressive before 1917

Dan DiMaggio: Tens of Thousands Strike on Day without Immigrants

Arkansas poultry workers, Brooklyn warehouse workers and house cleaners, Twin Cities roofers, and thousands of students in places like Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Charlotte, North Carolina. They were all among the tens of thousands who stayed home from work or school across the country during Thursday, February 16’s “Day without Immigrants.” The action, largely spread Read more…

Jonathan Cook: Palestinians face intense online hate from Israelis, say campaigners

Palestinian lawyers call for investigation of police minister as survey shows soaring levels of anti-Arab speech on Hebrew social media

Sarah Lazare: Here Comes the Police State: New Laws Aim for Brutal Crackdown on Protest

Many bills advancing at state level along with executive orders are part of Trump “law and order”

Mike Miller: What Kind of Movement Moment Are We In?

In the context of a government that has been elected, protestors must not only bring the machinery to a halt but convince those who operate it that ignoring or repressing them will lead to subsequent political defeat

Rebekah Barber: Study documents how strict voter ID laws suppress voting by people of color

The courts have found that voter ID laws intentionally discriminate against voters of color. Now newly published research offers details about the laws’ politically suppressive effects.

Juan Cole: Top 5 Hypocrisies of Trump Friday

A few of the more striking contradictions

Michael Moore: Michael Moore’s terrifying warning: ‘It will be as bad or worse’ than you think

“When he says he believes he could shoot somebody in the head and get away with it, he’s proven he can do that over and over again”

Robert Fisk: Le Pen has found out that Lebanese Christians aren’t that fond of her

The National Front leader thought that Lebanon, burdened with a million Syrian refugees, should send them home as soon as the war is over. She clearly did not know that tens of thousands of Lebanese are actually related to Syrians

Jeremy Brecher: “Climate Kids” v. Trump

Trial of the Century Pits Trump Climate Denialism against “Right to a Climate System Capable of Sustaining Human Life”

Barbara Ehrenreich: Divisions of Labor

New kinds of work require new ideas — and new ways of organizing

Ramzy Baroud: The Trump-Netanyahu Circus: Now, No One Can Save Israel from Itself

Israel has laid out its dark vision. Palestinians must present the antithesis to that destructive vision: a road map towards justice, equality and peace for all

Carlos Delclos: We want to welcome! Barcelona demands open borders for refugees

Barcelona wants to welcome refugees. Only a radical movement can substantiate the city’s demands.

Richard Falk: Should the Palestinians Seek Justice NOW at the International Criminal Court?Palestinians Seek Justice NOW at the International Criminal Court?

[Prefatory Note: This post is a modified version of an opinion piece published by Middle East Eye on February 20, 2017. It calls particular attention to the punitive treatment of recourse to international law tribunals to address perceived grievances that is meant to discourage Palestinians from seeking relief at the International Criminal Court. On one Read more…

Danuta Kean: US Libraries Join Struggle to Resist the Trump Administration

Along with efforts to guide readers to trustworthy information sources, many branches are working to make themselves ‘sanctuary spaces’ for immigrants

Andrew J. Bacevich: Angst in the Church of America the Redeemer

David Brooks on Making America Great Again

Jim Hightower: Big-Money Speculators Are Buying Up and Renting Out Farms, and Pricing Real Farmers out of the Market

The fat cats will never get their hands dirty, but they will underpay tenant farmers to do the arduous work of actual farming

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