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Marjorie Cohn: Khashoggi’s Murder and Saudi War Crimes in Yemen Were Facilitated by US

The alleged torture, dismemberment and killing of Saudi citizen and US permanent resident Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul has triggered justifiable outrage throughout the United States and around the world. But amid the outcry over Khashoggi’s death, many media and public figures still fail to acknowledge the war crimes Saudi Arabia is committing in Read more…

L.A. Kauffman: How the Women’s March gave us our best grounds for hope

All of these women and girls were finding their voice by making signs and coming together to literally enact community in the streets

Juan Cole: Socialism is Healthy

US Barracuda Capitalism is Literally Killing us

Natasha Lennard: The Despicable Campaign to Roll Back Transgender Protection

Yhanks to the concerted efforts of anti-transgender opponents using transphobic misinformation and scaremongering, Massachusetts will become the first state to question whether to uphold or repeal hard-won protections

Tom Engelhardt: (Un)Happy Anniversary!

17 Years of War (and More to Come)

Heather Gies: Unions Can Protect Workers From Deportation

Unions are taking a stand to protect TPS holders with the message that immigrant rights are worker rights

John Harris: The rise of the robot farmer

Tiny automated machines could soon take care of the entire growing process. Fewer chemicals, more efficient – where’s the downside?

Silvia Federici: In the Kitchens of the Metropolis

Excerpt from the new book Feminisms in Motion: Voices for Justice, Liberation, and Transformation, edited by Jessica Hoffmann and Daria Yudacufski

George Monbiot: Rebelling Against Extinction

When governments abandon us, we must step up

Glen Ford: Facebook is Not Your Friend

“Facebook is indispensable to maintaining the global corporate monopoly on truth — as is Google.”

Glenn Greenwald: Bolsonaro’s New Brazil Investigatng Journalists

It’s one thing for Macedo to use his massive wealth and media empire to elect a fascist. It’s another entirely for him to exploit and abuse those media outlets to intimidate, investigate, and threaten journalists

Pete Dolack: Why do Yemen’s dead not merit the attention of Jamal Khashoggi?

Why are millions of lives almost an afterthought while one privileged life merits such intense attention?

José Alejandro García: Caravan of 3,000 Central American Migrants Crosses Into Mexico

Thousands of Central American migrants have defied Donald Trump and streamed over the international bridge from Guatemala into Mexico, where some clashed with riot police in an attempt to continue their journey north

Celina della Croce: South Africa’s Shack Dwellers’ Movement Is Fighting Back

Movement leader S’bu Zikode says that after years of broken promises, shack dwellers are left with no choice but to fight for dignity and land

Samantha Winslow: Marriott Workers Strike

Seven thousand hotel workers across the U.S. are on strike against Marriott, the world’s largest hotel chain. A strike that started with seven hotels in Boston quickly spread to San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Oakland, Detroit, and Hawaii

David Bacon: “Migration Is a Form of Fighting Back”

Looking at the Root Causes of Migration

Vijay Prashad: Advantage Bolsonaro

As the final round of a polarised election nears, Brazil’s future tilts towards the far-right

Tamara Pearson: “We Feel Abandoned and Disposable”

How Thousands of Mexico’s Seniors are Exploited in Unpaid Jobs

Marlowe Hood: CO2 emissions to rise again in 2018

“Climate change is a near-term problem. When you look at the tragic consequences, it is today, not in 50 years.”

Peter Dreier: The #MeToo Movement’s Roots in Women Workers’ Rights

An unsung shero of the early 20th century, Rose Schneiderman organized women to fight for laws to protect them from sexual harassment and assault in the workplace

Billy Corriher: State supreme courts thwart GOP plans

“We need independent courts to have an effective system of checks and balances”

Sam Husseini: The Most Strategic Midterm Race

Elder Challenges Hoyer

Rosana Pinheiro-Machado: Jair Bolsonaro Wants Brazilian Cops to Kill More

So Why Are Victims of Police Violence Voting for Him?

Belle Chesler: Anita, Christine, and Me

The Media’s Moving On, But I’m Not

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Smith and Carlos embodied African Americans’ Summer of Love and Reckoning

Fifty years ago this week, two proud Olympians raised their fists to call attention to social injustices. Their gesture made my heart swell with pride

Rachel M. Cohen: Democratic Consulting Firm Battling Nurses Union

The hospital industry has partnered with a major Democratic consulting firm in an unusual alliance against Massachusetts’s nurses and the bulk of its progressive infrastructure

Joseph Gerson: Encountering Peace: No military option for Gaza

Palestinians in Gaza will not surrender, their will to resist will only increase

Mike Peters: The mind of the oppressed

Exploring the legacy of Steve Biko, a radical who spent his life fighting for Black liberation and for the overthrow of the Apartheid government in South Africa

Tina Vasquez: Abolish ICE: Beyond a Slogan

The slogan “Abolish ICE” means the removal of Attorney General Sessions, repeal of laws that criminalize migration, an end to all forms of detention, the defunding of Border Patrol, and a halt to ongoing immigration enforcement programs

John Feffer: Assassins Without Borders

Saudi Arabia’s apparent assassination of Jamal Khashoggi might have taken inspiration from Russia and North Korea — or Israel and the United States

Adam Parsons: A Global People’s Bailout for the Coming Crash

The financial sector is now larger and more dominant than ever, and an even greater crisis is set to happen anytime soon

Briahna Joy Gray: What Elizabeth Warren Still Doesn’t Get

On Monday morning, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., released a video in response to President Donald Trump, who has persistently mocked her as “Pocahontas.” For years, Trump has derided Warren for identifying as a Native American faculty member at Harvard Law School, and in other contexts, despite presenting as white. The implication by Trump and other Read more…

Various Contributors: University of Michigan Professor Disciplined

University of Michigan Professor Disciplined after he rescinded an offer he had made to write a letter of recommendation for a student that would be used to support her application for a study-abroad program in Israel

Marjorie Cohn: Threatening Iran

There is another glaring difference between the situations in Iran and North Korea. While Iran does not have nuclear weapons, North Korea does. That is North Korea’s insurance policy against U.S. military aggression

Lawrence Wittner: Getting the Story Wrong: The Distortion of American Politics by the Press

Ever since the foundation of the American Republic, there has been both praise for and suspicion of the role the press plays in U.S. political life

Pete Dolack: Flat Wages

As long we continue to fail to question the world economic system, our conditions will only worsen

William Boardman: Is The U.S. Voting System Secure?

The degradation of American society since 1980 has been deliberate and ruthless, to the point that “Make America Great Again” resonates rationally despite its masking of duplicitous purposes

Peter Cole: A Tribute to Ron Dellums, Radical

Ron Dellums fought the good fight. He appreciated the struggle against racism is permanently joined with those against sexism, militarism, and capitalism

Jack Rasmus: Trade War for Real? Parts 2, 3

How China will respond to more U.S. tariffs and technology transfer is the crux of any U.S.-China trade agreement—or trade war

Claire Provost: Trump Administration’s Warped View of Religious Freedom Abroad

Religious freedom arguments are increasingly being used to challenge anti-discrimination policies and access to services

Noam Chomsky: Political Authoritarianism

Halt the spread of political authoritarianism takes honest, dedicated, courageous and persistent engagement, ranging from education and organization to direct activism, carefully honed for effectiveness under prevailing circumstances

Maya Evans: Marching for Peace

As the “war on terror” generation comes of age, their status quo is perpetual war, a complete brainwashing that war is inevitable

Don Fitz: Nuclear Power & Climate

The great environmental challenge of our time is to understand that the many sources of biodestruction are interconnected and must be confronted simultaneously, rather than disparaging one danger to focus on another

Dr. Hakim: Nonviolent Afghans Bring a Breath of Fresh Air

War is not inevitable. It is an obsolete, repetitive choice. Everywhere, each of us can emulate these new-generation Afghans by ushering in breaths of fresh air

John Steppling: Before the Law

The Supreme Court, founded by slavers and the rich colonial proprietorial class, it has served the interests of the wealthy, of business and privilege, and has done it without interruption since its inception

Jason Johnson: Georgia Organizations Were Ready for Black Voter Purge by GOP

Calling this labyrinth of voter blockages the new Jim Crow doesn’t do it justice. It takes a special kind of white man to basically admit that he can’t win an election in a Republican state against a black woman without cheating

Jim Hightower: Don’t Write Off People in ‘Trump Country’

What Rural Voters Are Actually Looking for in Politics

Carol Anderson: Trump Won in 2016 Thanks to Voter Suppression

Interview on how African-American voter participation has been systematically compromised since a 2013 Supreme Court decision that gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act

Glenn Greenwald: The Washington Post, Shame, & Lobbyists

The Washington Post’s particular righteous fury as expressed in words, while understandable in one sense, is very difficult to reconcile with their actual actions

William D. Hartung: Jobs Are No Excuse for Arming a Murderous Regime

The case of Jamal Khashoggi is just one of many reasons for the United States to distance itself from the Saudi regime. The time to act is now

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