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Peter Phillips: Propaganda, Fake News, and Media Lies

Both PR and propaganda seek to change behaviors and ideas among the masses in support of the agendas of public and private institutions.

Jim Warren: Averting Climate Chaos

The incredible rate of recent warming is largely due not to the usual suspect, carbon dioxide, but to the build-up of super-potent methane, which traps 80 to 100 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

William Boardman: What Really Happened in Syria?

The U.S. continues to use DU weapons in the region, at least in attacks on ISIS. Tomahawk missiles, a Raytheon profit center, have long been suspected of delivering a DU payload. So President Trump’s loosing of 59 Tomahawk missiles on Al Shayrat Airfield was answering a chemical weapons attack with a chemical weapons attack. And an act of war against a sovereign nation

Bill Moyers: The GOP in Sickness and Ill Health

Two days later, Trump was at it again, beating his chest and tweeting like a vengeful god who bruises easily, this time directing his tirades at the real villains—his fellow Republicans, right-wing think tanks and especially the roughly three dozen members of the so-called “Freedom Caucus,” the most extreme conservatives in the House.

Allie Yee: Targeting Southern Sanctuary Cities

As the national debate around sanctuary cities has become increasingly fraught and political, the term “sanctuary” has largely lost its meaning and has come to be used or rejected by various actors for their own purposes

Kathy Kelly: U.S.-Made Famine

In 2016, the U.S. admitted 84,995 refugees, but Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world, took in 117,000 new refugees and migrants in 2016, and hosts more than 255,000 refugees from Somalia

Bill Berkowitz: Criminalizing Immigrants Belies The Facts

Despite Trump’s claims, “major law enforcement groups and leaders have argued that intensifying immigration enforce- ment interferes with public safety goals

Marjorie Cohn: Deconstruction of the State

When Donald Trump’s chief of staff Reince Priebus addressed the Conservative Political Action Committee in February, he identified two priorities of the administration: the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and deregulation

Noam Chomsky: Undermining Our Survival

As I mentioned, the policies being formulated and enacted are drawn from the playbook of the most reactionary fringe of the Republican establishment. The abject service to private wealth and power is accompanied with an authoritarian and fundamentalist program to transform U.S. society

Allan C. Brownfeld: Suppressing the UN Report On Israel’s Move Toward Apartheid

A UN commission report says that Israel practices apartheid against Palestinians

Marjorie Cohn: Trump’s War Crimes

Just two and a half months into his presidency, Donald Trump has already distinguished himself as a war criminal. His administration is killing unusually large numbers of civilians, in violation of U.S. and international law.

Suzanne Simon: Trump’s Mexico High: Drugs, Migration, and NAFTA

Mexican society and its people needed no primer on democracy and advocacy. The Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920 was the first socialist-populist revolution of the western hemisphere and, arguably, of the world

Compiled by Joel Chaffee: Free Listings

Events MAY DAY – May 1. Workers of the world will celebrate the anniversary of International Worker’ Day. Born out of a call for an eight-hour workday in the United States, this day is an opportunity for all workers to show their solidarity as well as to renew the call for labor rights. Contact: http://www.may1.info/. Read more…

Justin Podur: Women Rise Up

imagine when women in such a society decide that they are going to change this. Even some victims will oppose them—there is serious internalization of sexism as there is with racism.

Nick Turse: America’s War-Fighting Footprint in Africa

Secret U.S. Military Documents Reveal a Constellation of American Military Bases Across That Continent

Vijay Prashad: Historic Hunger Strike

The Western media should pay more attention to the Palestinian prisoner strike

Juan Cole: Is anything Trump does Constitutional?

Sanctuary Threat Quashed by Court

Noam Chomsky: The ‘Most Dangerous Organization in World History’

The Republican Party is dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to destruction of organized human life. There is no historical precedent for such a stand

Jessica Northey: Colonial history in the French elections

Algeria, Le Pen, and fascism at the heart of Europe

George Monbiot: The Case Against Competence

Labour’s ten pledges could, if they form the core of its manifesto, appeal to almost everyone

Phillip Smith: Drug Reform Conference Envisions Alliance

Conference finds the roots of the problems in capitalism and deep-seated racism

Budour Youssef Hassan: Mass hunger strike

If there is one cause that has managed to bring Palestinians together in recent years, it has proven to be the prisoners’ struggle

Asad Haider: Identity Politics?

Interview on an ideology fracturing the left

Nina Sparling: Will Boycotts Change Anything?

As the political landscape veers to the right and traditional avenues for change disintegrate, boycotts as a key tactic in a market-driven strategy might prove not just useful, but essential

Omar Barghouti: Recounting Victories

Describing victories of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) in the effort for Palestinian justice

Noam Chomsky: Undermining Government

Interview on Nuclear proliferation, climate change and the Trump administration

Linda Hodges: The Immigration and Refugee Human Revenue Stream

If you want to understand any problem in America, you need to focus on who profits from the problem…” Dr. Amos Wilson Long before Donald Trump’s 2015 presidential announcement speech, in which he castigated and disparaged Mexican and Middle Eastern immigrants, the United States already had the disgraceful distinction of maintaining the largest immigration detention Read more…

Jaisal Noor: Empowering Local Chapters

Sanders’ Our Revolution will support progressives, including those outside the Democratic Party

Steven Rosenfeld: Paranoid Apocalyptic Police State

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly tells critics to change the law or “shut up”

Phoebe Braithwaite: What is Facebook doing to our mental health?

Lazy and unconcerned, or buckling under the strains of late capitalism? A manifesto for the selfie generation asks whether we can break our addiction to social media

Yves Smith: Hypocritical Media Attacks on Sanders

On every conceivable front, the Democrats double downing down on the strategy that led them to hemorrhage losses in representation, meaning power, at every level of government

Dahr Jamail: Great Barrier Reef Reaches “Terminal Stage”

CO2 Levels Rise at Record Rate

Robert Fisk: Will Trump call Armenian genocide what it was?

There were thousands of eyewitness testimonies to these atrocities, including the burning of babies by Turkish gendarmes. And Trump, as we all know, cares very much about ‘beautiful babies’

Harvey Wasserman: Le Pen a Fascist—Not a ‘Right-Wing Populist’

There is nothing “populist” about these thugs and thieves except the media’s use of the term to describe them

Douglas McRae: Weathering the Storm

This winter’s El Niño Costero has ravaged both Peru and Ecuador. Why have the impacts in Peru been so much more destructive?

Aviva Chomsky: Making Sense of the Deportation Debate

How Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Laid the Groundwork for Trump’s Immigration Policies

Jim Hightower: People Are Fighting Back From Coast to Coast

A feisty, creative civic spirit is igniting activists in nearly every zip code

Ashish Premkumar: Police Violence and Reproductive Health

If one lives in a community that is frequently policed, the accumulative effects of these interactions can have health consequences more insidious than those caused by actual physical violence

Dan La Botz: Tens of Thousands March for Science

There were some 400 marches in the US

Dean Baker: Why Count on Uber to Fund Key Research?

Is Uber a joke? Okay, Uber is definitely not a joke in the sense that it is a large company that has rattled the taxi industry in the United States and around the world. It has also raised many important regulatory issues, as it has sought to evade longstanding regulation of the taxi industry. Many Read more…

Russell Mokhiber: Single-Payer and Obama-care

It’s impossible to promote single payer and defend Obamacare at the same time

Andrea Germanos: American Dream in Freefall

Whither the American Dream? It may not be totally dead, but a new study suggests that it is certainly on life support. Published in the American Association for the Advancement of Science journal Science, the team of researchers led by Raj Chetty and David Grusky of Stanford University used data from federal income tax returns Read more…

Juan Cole: 4.5 million years ago

The Last time there was this much CO2 in the air, Florida was under Water

Marilyn Bechtel: Oakland Calls for Sanctuary Workplaces

Oakland became the latest community to call on local businesses to pledge they will support its sanctuary city commitment

Noam Chomsky: Requiem for the American Dream

Discussion focusing on Chomsky’s new book, “Requiem for the American Dream: The 10 Principles of Concentration of Wealth & Power”

Tom Engelhardt: The Honeymoon of the Generals

Or Why Trump’s Wars Should Seem So Familiar

Patrick Cockburn: Mental health patients treated as criminals

The old asylum system was dismantled but nothing was put in its place to care for people unable to look after themselves who are a potential danger to themselves and others

Les Leopold: Young People Want Radical Change

Survey Blows the Lid off Right-Wing and Corporate Economic Propaganda

Katie Klabusich: In Defiance

Anti-Science Trump Administration Draws Thousands to the Streets Worldwide

Steve Payne: Twin Cities on May Day

Taking It to the Streets

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