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  • #IndianWinter: How Much Is A Boss Worth?

    In the last five years alone, corporate CEOs received percentage pay increases nearly double that of the U.S. workforce. This enormous and rapidly growing economic inequality between bosses and workers can certainly be challenged on the basis of social justice.

  • Dolack: Austerity Never Ends

    No, you can’t really make this stuff up: orthodox economists continue to tell us that the reason for ongoing economic stagnation is that wages and unemployment benefits are too high. Yes, that’s right. You haven’t suffered enough

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    Rasmus: Taming Trump

    On one hand, Trump appears to moving closer to traditional Republican party elite positions on big reductions of taxes on corporate-investor elites and on delivering longstanding elite demands to deregulate business; at the same time he appears to be moderating his position with regard to that third top priority of the U.S. neoliberal elite

  • Pizzigati: For the Wealthy, A Taxing New Worry

    Thanks largely to Fleischer, this preferential tax treatment of “carried interest” has now become the single most notorious loophole in the federal tax code

  • Coles: Why The Poor Stay Poor

    The devastating wars raging across the Middle East can be explained in large part by America’s commitment to a doctrine of global militarism called “full spectrum dominance


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