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Sadly, international relations are overwhelmingly about war and imperialism, economic violation and racism. ZCom's International Relations Watch is partly about reporting on and analyzing such phenomena, partly about contributing to overcoming such phenomena.

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    Chomsky: Undermining Our Survival

    As I mentioned, the policies being formulated and enacted are drawn from the playbook of the most reactionary fringe of the Republican establishment. The abject service to private wealth and power is accompanied with an authoritarian and fundamentalist program to transform U.S. society

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    Herman: Foreign Engagement v. Aggression

    The United States has been intervening and fighting wars abroad almost continuously since World War II. This has involved frequent aggressions, using standard definitions of the word, with many of them extremely destructive. But these cannot be designated “aggression” in our well-honed propaganda system

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    Dangl: The Implications of Bolivia’s Referendum

    Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president, who rose to prominence as a union leader among coca farmers and as a dissident congressperson, has won three general elections, including a 2014 victory with over 60 percent of the vote, and is now in his tenth year in power

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    Herman: Anti-Terrorism Rally in Paris?

    Hypocrisy runs deep in the imperialist and colonial-settler states. The United States has regularly and deliberately bombed and killed journalists in states under attack, including Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan, among others

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    Street: Against Escalation

    The United States government routinely tells its subject citizenry and the world of America’s grand commitment to freedom and democracy. Putting aside the inconvenient problem of its own domestic oligarchy and plutocracy, let’s have a look at some of Washington’s “democracy”-loving key allies

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    Herman: The Fool, the Demagogue, and the Former KGB Colonel

    The fool is John Kerry, rushing around between Washington and Tel Aviv, assailing Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela, and, of course, denouncing the Russians for “aggression”...

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    Solomon: Heard the One About Obama Denouncing a Breach of International Law?

    Unfortunately, during the last five years, no world leader has done more to undermine international law than Barack Obama.

  • Davies: Checkmate In The Great Game

    The June 15-16 summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)...

  • Albert: A Q&A on Libya

    This is an abridged version of a longer Q&A prepared...

  • Albert: On Libya & Unfolding Crises

    SHALOM/ALBERT: What are U.S. motives in international relations most broadly...


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