Category: Interviews

Mike Davis: The Path to Dissent

Mike Davis on the Trump phenomenon and why young people are so open to socialism.

Daniel Ellsberg: US Culture of Secrecy & Security Overreach

Interview on US national security, and those who expose its overreach

John W. Whitehead: When Will They Ever Learn?

An Interview with Pete Seeger in 2006

Glenn Greenwald: Journalism, Secrecy, and The Intercept

Glenn Greenwald and Michael Albert discuss the difficulties of doing good journalism within the confines of mainstream media, secrecy and corporations and Greenwald’s new media project – The Intercept. This interview is published in collaboration with New Left Project

Noam Chomsky: On “Zombies and Apocalypse”

Interview on the cultural preoccupation with “the zombie apocalypse” in United States

Noam Chomsky: The Simple Virtues

Advice for the young: pursuing the simple virtues of honesty, integrity, and an open mind may not be welcomed by authority and power

David Barsamian: Mohamed Bouazizi & the Arab Revolts

An interview with Rami Khouri

Doug Morris: The Most Dangerous Belief: An Interview with Noam Chomsky

Chomsky answers questions from young people

David Barsamian: Kashmir and the Intifada of the Mind: An interview with Sanjay Kak

David Barsamian interviews Sanjay Zak on Kashmir, Uprisings, and filmmaking

Michael Albert: Being Left: Radicalization

In December 2013 David Marty did an extensive interview with Michael Albert

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