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Steve Early: Will Real-Life “Fighting Dems” Prove Irresistible?

Jon Stewart’s new Hollywood film, Irresistible, is well worth watching just because of the timeliness and relevance of its other subject matter—the Democratic Party’s frantic recruitment of veterans to run for public office

Jonah Raskin: Cold War Bully: the Life and Crimes of Roy Cohn

As much as anyone else in the U.S., including Judge Irving Saypol who sentenced them, Cohn was responsible for the death of the Rosenbergs

Jordan Flaherty: 35+ Revolutionary Films to Watch Under Quarantine

Visions of a Future Beyond Capitalism

Brian Tokar: “Humans” are not the problem: Reflections on a “useless” documentary

“Planet of the Humans” does a serious disservice to those seeking to bring a more systemic and forward-looking approach into the climate movement

Timmon Wallis: Skepticism Is Healthy, but Planet of the Humans Is Toxic

A movie that purports to care about the environment and the future of humanity and yet seeks to undermine support for the very things we must do to save this planet, and ourselves, is worse than a disappointment. It’s reckless

Chuck Collins: “Sorry We Missed You”

Ken Loach Exposes the Holes in the Gig Economy in his latest film

David Swanson: Nonviolent Action for Peace

A review of George Lakey’s new book, How We Win: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning

Radical Reviewer: Participatory Economics Review

Radical Reviewer reviews Michael Albert’s Parecon: Participatory Economics: Life After Capitalism

Steve Early: The Irishman Cometh

Teamster History Hits The Big Screen (Again)

Justin Podur: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood does Bruce Lee wrong — and much else

Tarantino’s mastery seems to be in reading the mood and making a movie for it. His latest movie is perfect for the Trump era, based as it is in nostalgia for a racially homogeneous Hollywood. The genre for Once Upon a Time… forces some choices on both the storyteller and the audience. The movie treats the day Read more…

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