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Sid Shniad: Canada must not suppress free speech on Israel

We are opposed to all forms of racism. We advocate for justice and peace for both Israelis and Palestinians

Wim Laven: Message to Trump supporters: I am sorry

Great things can happen when we are united, right now 80 million Iranian citizens and all Americans need us to be united in calling off the dogs of war

Lawrence Davidson: Death by Illogic, Lies and Stupidity

There is an old adage: when a leader is in trouble domestically, the thing to do is start a crisis in the field of foreign policy, and this is what Trump proceeded to do

Ron Jacobs: Iranian Opposition—1970s to 2020

As residents of those nations working to return Iran back to its previous status as a client of imperialism, our task is to oppose the sanctions demanded by the United States and the war moves accompanying those sanctions

Juan Cole: Challenge to Trump

Muqtada al-Sadr & Iraqi Shiite leaders Call for a Million-Man March against US Military Occupation

Ramzy Baroud: Sealed Off and Forgotten

What You Should Know about Israel’s ‘Firing Zones’ in the West Bank

Yoav Litvin: Zionism and ‘Anti-Semitism’: A Chronicle of a Smear Foretold

On the road to liberation, only a consistent and unapologetic anti-Zionist framework is effective and congruent with leftist, anti-racist values

David Swanson: Charlottesville City Council Passes Resolution Against War on Iran

The normalization of murder bestowed on us by the Obama years will not end well and must urgently be reversed

Juan Cole: Trump Admin. declares US an Occupying Power in Iraq

Puts US Troops in Jeopardy by Refusing to Leave

Juan Cole: Trump’s “WMD” Scandal?

Was the Charge of “Imminent” Soleimani Attack Just Made Up?

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