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Mark Weisbrot: End US support for Saudi war in Yemen

If Congress turns against this war and blocks U.S. involvement, the Saudis will have to negotiate an end to the conflict

Kathy Kelly: The Quality of Mercy

The comfortable nations often authorize the worst atrocities overseas through fear for their own safety, imagining themselves the victims to be protected from crime at all costs. Such attitudes entitle people in Iraq

Ramzy Baroud: 70 Years of Broken Promises

The Untold Story of the Partition Plan

Jonathan Cook: Trump’s ‘ultimate deal’

The long wait appears to be coming to an end on Donald Trump’s “ultimate deal”, one supposedly capable of unlocking the impasse between Israel and the Palestinians

Jonathan Cook: Syria, ‘experts’ and George Monbiot

Avoiding being railroaded…

George Monbiot: Toxic Atmosphere

How a chemical weapons attack in Syria spawned a shameful series of conspiracy theories

Nicolas J.S. Davies: Civilians Combatants In Wars Against America

Most of the people joining armed groups across the Middle East and Africa are only fighting at all because U.S. and allied forces are “fighting them there,” in their countries, cities, villages and homes

Omar Barghouti: BDS Against Israel: How Effective Is It?

The Israeli government, which adopted a very aggressive counterstrategy, “likes to believe it is somehow winning the fight against BDS,” but that view is “quite delusional”

Omar Barghouti: Cambridge’s Interference in BDS Event

Cambridge University threatened to shut down an event about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, citing concerns about the Palestinian moderator’s neutrality

Chris Slee: Understanding Abdullah Ocalan

Abdullah Ocalan has been held in a Turkish prison on Imrali Island since 1998

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