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Mehdi Hasan: How U.S. Media Could Prevent a Trump War With Iran

Sixteen years after the U.S. media helped the Bush administration spread myths and lies about the threat posed by Iraq to the United States and its allies, the Trump administration is spreading similar myths and lies about the threat posed by Iran

Tom H. Hastings: Iran wags impeachment dog

Why is Trump doing this now?

Mashal Hashem: How to Lobby Washington to Death

A Business Model From Hell and the War in Yemen

Stephen Zunes: The Threat of War with Iran

Is the U.S. lurching towards another illegal war in the Middle East?

Umar Farooq: The Second Drone Age

How Turkey Defied the U.S. and Became a Killer Drone Power

Medea Benjamin: We Need to Build Up the Antiwar Movement

Interview on the growing threat of war with Iran and the role of National Security Advisor John Bolton, who Benjamin says has been pushing for war with Iran for years

Juan Cole: 9 Easy Propaganda steps to War with Iran

The Trump administration is now in full disinformation mode, using all the classical techniques of propaganda to put the gullible US public on a war footing with Iran. Here is how it is done

Jake Johnson: Undermining Trump-Bolton War Narrative

British General Says No Evidence of ‘Increased Threat’ From Iran

Phyllis Bennis: The Alarming Rise of Civilian Deaths in the War On Terror

New reports show an escalation in civilian casualties from U.S. operations in Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia — and a pattern of U.S. denial about the scale of the problem

Elham Pourtaher: For Iranians, the War Has Already Begun

Iran is only marginally reflected in the U.S. news, which means the American public does not hear voices that express the human suffering caused by the U.S. government far beyond its borders

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