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Jonathan Cook: Israelis have shown Netanyahu the door

Can he inflict more damage before he exits?

Richard Falk: Amazonia, Climate Change, Syria, Yemen, Kashmir

What these issues have in common is the inability of the global system of authority to save these national populations from experiencing prolonged tragedy as a result of the criminal behavior of the territorial government and, in some instances, its insurgent adversaries

Juan Cole: Netanyahu’s Demonization Backfires

Binyamin Netanyahu appears to have fallen short in his quest for a majority of 61 in the 120-seat Israeli parliament

Juan Cole: Trump Has been Waging a Brutal War on Iran for over a Year

The economic war Trump launched on Iran acts as a blockade

Ramzy Baroud: Apartheid Made Official

Deal of the Century is a Ploy and Annexation is the New Reality

Robert Mackey: Trump Calls His Own Offer of Iran Talks “Fake News”

Trump’s rage at the news media for accurately reporting his prior comments came just minutes after he informed Americans that he had put the United States military at the disposal of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Juan Cole: Trump Awaits orders from Saudis; and Why the Houthis could have Done It

We all kept saying it is dangerous to have an erratic person like Trump in the White House in case there was a major global crisis. This might be it, folks

Mustafa Habib: How Iraq Is Standing Up For Itself, After Israeli Attacks

Often trapped between Iran and the US, Iraq’s foreign policy experts have been playing a wily game to avoid it happening again – especially after suspected Israeli attacks inside the country

Juan Cole: Pompeo Manipulatively blames Iran

Yemen’s Zaydi Shiite Houthi rebels, who control the northwest of Yemen, including the capital of Sana’a, claimed on Saturday to have launched the 10 drones that struck the major Saudi petroleum production and refining installations at Abqaiq and Khurais

Phyllis Bennis: Will U.S. & Iran Resume Talks?

President Trump has ousted John Bolton, becoming the third national security adviser to be ousted by Trump so far

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