David Ostrowski

Writer and environmental philosopher. My passion for living a healthy life of abundant learning stems from a power that defies explanation and for it, I am grateful. My recent and only published work is called Lemonade LIves. It is a book to inspire a personal revolution. My life has been nothing short of a continual journey and personal evolution. Acceptance has been the most difficult lesson to learn but the most valuable. Accepting the diversity of people and  personal choice was not the dogma of a home run by a Catholic Marine. Thankfully, a diverse education, excellent friends and the occasional use of marijuane opened my eyes to a broader world view. That was my path, I do not suggest hat you follow it.Twenty years have elapsed since college. The world does not seem the same as it was. The unbiquitous guilt trip of being politically correct now stiffes our freedom of expression as we near the dawn of a new age in reason. An age of cooperation and globally shared resources lay in the balance as corporate forces impose their will government. The illusion of the American Dream and the self richeous national mantra of god bless America bind the hands of cooperation. Darwinian Capitalism is the illusion that we can all be kings. Its an environment disaster waiting to happen.Thank you for reading that message. If you get to know me you will find that I like to rant and then consider the gravity of my words.

David Ostrowski's


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