Robert Dodge: Humanity’s Call to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Citizens around the world are calling on their governments to ratify the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty—and the United States has a leading role to play. Nuclear weapons have no place in our future

Robert Dodge: Who has the President’s Ear?

There is a growing national initiative seeking to fundamentally change U.S. nuclear weapons policy

Robert Dodge: The Doomsday Clock Moves Forward

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has just moved their Doomsday Clock forward to two minutes till midnight

Robert Dodge: David vs. Goliath: The Nuclear Zero Lawsuits

Historic lawsuits were filed against the U.S. and the eight other Nuclear Weapons States (NWS) of the world to meet their treaty obligations to disarm by the courageous tiny island nation Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Robert Dodge: Budgets Are Moral Documents – Funding a People’s Priorities

This week the nation funds our priorities as we pay our annual tax bill. “Our budget is a moral document and it is either going to reflect the best of who we are or the worst”.  This was so eloquently stated by the Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners. Tax expenditures thus speak to who we are Read more…

Robert Dodge: The Year Of Youth And Nuclear Weapons Taxes – Where Are Our Priorities?

The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 2011 the International Year of Youth. This is in recognition of children’s rights throughout the world and to realize the potential of children everywhere. The resolution proclaiming the Year signifies the importance the international community places on integrating youth-related issues into global, regional, and national development agendas. Under Read more…

Robert Dodge: What every citizen should now know about nukes

Nuclear terrorism and the possibility of a nuclear weapon unleashed in any city present the greatest potential threat to US security, public health and the economy.  Current and future US nuclear policy will be presented March 1st when President Obama is scheduled to release the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) as mandated by congress. This follows Read more…

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