Al Gedicks: Brazilian Tailings Dam Disaster: Is Wisconsin Next?

On January 25, 2019, a 28-story high tailings dam in Brumadinho, in southeastern Brazil failed, releasing almost 3 billion gallons of sludgy mine waste

Al Gedicks: Acid Train Blockade Anniversary

The protest began when the Ogichidaa (Protectors of the People) from the Bad River reservation blockaded trains traveling through their reservation carrying sulfuric acid

Al Gedicks: Defeating the Iron Mines in Wisconsin

Two years after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a controversial Iron Mining Law designed to speed up permitting for a giant open pit iron mine in the Penokee Hills above Lake Superior, Gogebic Taconite (GTac), president Bill Williams pulled the plug on the mine because the project was not feasible

Al Gedicks: Globalized Mining Resistance from El Salvador to Wisconsin

The environmental devastation from past and ongoing gold mining operations in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras has provoked a formidable Salvadoran social movement that has been educating and organizing communities for a total ban against metallic mining in El Salvador.

Al Gedicks: Review of Dawn Paley’s Drug War Capitalism

Based on extensive travels, interviews, and research in Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, Dawn Paley invites the reader to consider other factors and motivations for the war on drugs

Al Gedicks: A Review of Stuart Kirsch’s Mining Capitalism

Kirsch is uniquely qualified to examine the relationship between mining corporations and their critics—he spent two decades as an anthropologist doing ethnographic research and participating in an indigenous political movement opposed to the Ok Tedi copper and gold mine in Papua New Guinea.

Al Gedicks: Militarized Mining in Wisconsin

Armed guards protecting extractive resource operations is not an uncommon sight in Central and South American countries where there is growing community resistance to ecologically destructive mining and oil projects. As early as 2008, the United Nations documented “an emerging trend in Latin America but also in other regions of the world indicates situations of Read more…

Al Gedicks: Mining Industry Targets “Prove It First” Law

Prior to investing in new resource colonies, multinational mining corporations frequently change a country’s mining laws to remove restrictions on foreign ownership, reduce taxes, ease environmental protections and guarantee access to water supplies needed for mining. During the 1990s, under pressure from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, over 90 states in the Read more…

Al Gedicks: Resisting Resource Colonialism in the Lake Superior Region

Unjustified technological optimism led to BP’s Gulf Coast oil spill and the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. Now, proposals to deploy that same unchecked and faulty industrial logic threaten Wisconsin’s water and the Upper Great Lakes. A coal-mining company is proposing a gigantic open pit mine and massive waste piles that have all the makings Read more…

Al Gedicks: Challenging Canadian Mining Companies

Canadian mining companies, which constitute almost 60 percent of the world’s exploration and mining companies, have made Latin America the world’s most popular resource frontier. The Toronto stock exchange is the world’s largest single source of financing for the global mining industry. At the forefront of Canadian mining investment in Latin America are the so-called Read more…

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