I'm a radical progressive spiritual Oneness Activist. I am almost done with a dual degree track - Language and Culture, Spanish, Russian, and beginning Mandarin, with rusty neighborhood South Philly Italian. My focus is Globalization, the global south, inequality; food & water and what's done to it in the name of profit-at-any-cost. I'm now a Wisdom Elder (working hard to add this phrase to the lexicon and kick 'senior' and 'old' to the curb - too much negative energy piled on to the latter two). I have a couple of blogs that are always in a state of transition; writing a book of essays; and making another blog dedicated to getting the baby boomers and older up off their butts and remember that we have changed every decade we've passed through until we sat down and got fat and tired. PEACE. It's Who We Are; not something to pursue. PEACE is courageous. PEACE stands up. PEACE speaks out. PEACE gets in the way. And PEACE ROCKS. Let's rock the planet Start practicing now by a/CONTRIBUTING TO THIS SITE AND OTHER FOLKS/GROUPS THAT YOU ALIGN WITH OR TAKE PART IN. If you don't, then you're no different than those who listen to NPR whilst others pay for it so you can enjoy it. It talks everyone working and putting out their money to cause the change you say you wish to see in the world. Would anyone expect to be being/doing 100% of the work themselves whilst others just did nothing but nod their heads in agreement? That's a recipe for bankruptcy on the part of those working their behinds off, and a loss of realizing the truth of working together. NOTHING is free. Effort costs - but the cost is worth it, WALK YOUR TALK or sit down and do as you're told. I certainly don't plan to do so. Cheers.


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