Don Fitz

Don Fitz, who currently resides in St. Louis, USA, can be contacted at He was a research psychologist for 25 years and now teaches psychology at universities in St. Louis. Don became politically active protesting the Vietnam War and has spent decades supporting labor rights and opposing apartheid, racism, sexism and environmental destruction. He is co-editor of /Within the Shell of the Old: Essays on Worker's Self Organization/ (1990, Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company). Don is currently editor of /Synthesis/Regeneration: A Magazine of Green Social Thought/ and is on the National Committee of The Greens/Green Party USA. In St. Louis, he produces /Green Time TV/, is co-coordinator of the Gateway Green Alliance and edits its newsletter, the /Compost-Dispatch/. Don Fitz hopes that the Reimagining Society Project will help resolve the contradiction between the belief that the economic crisis should be solved by expanding the economy and environmental awareness that it is necessary to shrink the economy. He hopes to contribute to the Project by providing an explanation of the disconnect between production and consumption, which makes it possible to massively decrease production while maintaining or even expanding consumption. The Project can best move forward by fully integrating labor, social justice and environmental awareness of how humanity must change the goods and services it produces.

Don Fitz's

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