Greg Guma: Immigration Fight at the AZ Corral

Arizona is in the grip of anti-immigrant fever. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose popularity has been built on his tough enforcement tactics and willingness to defy the federal government, is on the verge of a run for governor. Even if he doesn’t run, the state has a controversial new law, SB 1070, that requires Read more…

Greg Guma: The CIA, DynCorp, and the Shoot Down in Peru

Among the five cases of CIA cover ups currently being investigated by the U.S. House Intelligence Committee is the April 20, 2001 shooting down of a small plane in Peru, resulting in the death of a Baptist missionary from Michigan and her seven-month-old daughter. The CIA inspector general has already concluded that the CIA improperly Read more…

Greg Guma: Dave Dellinger: Being the Change

O n May 25, 2004, at 88, Dave Dellinger departed this world among family and close friends in Central Vermont from pneumonia-induced heart failure. He had been living in Vermont for almost 25 years, most recently in the Montpelier area. Whenever racism, imperialism, or injustice raised its head, Dave was there, his efforts all the Read more…

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