I studied international human rights at the University of London.  Subsequently I went abroad to Brazil, during which time my point of view about the world opened up.  I started reading John Pilger and found Znet, Medialens, Arundahti Roy and Starhawk - all of whom have deeply inspired me.  I decided something had to be done! So I joined the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army which used workshops, performances, insurrectionary play and direct action to undermine neo-liberal capitalism.  Also, I have been working as a performance artist and gardener and am a firm believer in communities growing food together to become as self-sustaining as possible.  I like to work closely with the earth and understand how to re-establish my connection with the planet that sustains us.I also write from time-to-time and am inspired by a new wave of feminism that is sweeping the world; something I feel is fundamental to everything else.


ZNet Articles

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