Scott Neig

I am a writer, parent, and activist living in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (Atikameksheng Anishnawbek Territory).I recently completed a major book project based on oral history interviews with long-time Canadian activists. It will likely be published in late 2012...more details to follow. I need to completely revamp the project's website, but for the moment you can check out the old site, here: For the next year, I will be doing an interdisciplinary MA in the Humanities at Laurentian University.I maintain a personal/political blog on which I post commentary, analysis, and lots of reviews of political books. It is called A Canadian Lefty in Occupied Land, and you can find it here:scottneigh.blogspot.comI have been involved in many different kinds of social change work since becoming politicized as an undergraduate university student. I am currently involved in Sudbury Against War and Occupation, a local group with a broad anti-war/anti-occupation focus; Justice and Freedom for John Moore, a group that supports an unjustly convicted Ojibwe man in his struggle for exoneration; and a new, local alternative media project affiliated with The Media Co-op (a national network of such groups in Canada). I am also a national advisory board member of the radical political journal Upping the Anti.   

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