Stefan Simanowitz

Stefan Simanowitz is a journalist, broadcaster and human rights campaigner. He writes regularly for publications including The Independent, Guardian, Contemporary Review, Prospect, New Statesman, Independent on Sunday, Metro, Sunday Times, In These Times, Zmag, and New Internationalist. He has his own column on and is a regular television pundit.

His campaigning work has ranged from working with Nelson Mandela and the ANC during South Africa's first democratic election campaign, to founding the Human Shield Movement to prevent illegal war in Iraq. He has worked for Liberty and the European Commission and attended the Truth and Reconciliation Hearings in South Africa. He has reported from mass graves in Somaliland to uranium mines in the deserts of Niger and Mali. In 2007 he set became Chair of the Westminster Committee on Iran and in 2009 after returning from the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria he set up a global campaigning initiative, the Free Western Sahara Network. Visit his website at

Stefan Simanowitz's

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