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Steve Early was a Boston-based international representative or organizer for the Communications Workers of America for 27 years. Prior to working for CWA, he served as a headquarters staffer for the United Mine Workers and staff attorney and newspaper editor for the Professional Drivers Council (merged in 1979 into Teamsters for a Democratic Union).


As a free-lance labor journalist, he has written for The Nation, The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, Toronto Globe & Mail, The Berkshire Eagle, The Progressive, The Guardian, In These Times, Our Times, American Prospect, Mother Jones, Labor History, New Politics, New Labor Forum, Social Policy, Labor Notes, Labor, WorkingUSA, Labor Research Review, Monthly Labor Review, Technology Review, Boston Review, Dollars and Sense, Socialism and Democracy, The Guild Reporter, and Tikkun.


A collection of Early's "participatory labor journalism" was published in May, 2009, by Monthly Review Press. It's called Embedded With Organized Labor: Journalistic Reflections on the Class War at Home. (


Alone or with co-authors, Early has also  contributed chapters to seven edited collections. Among these is an often-cited essay, "Membership Based Organizing," in A New Labor Movement For The New Century, edited by Gregory Mantsios (Monthly Review Press, 1998); "Globalization and De-Unionization in Telecommunications: Three Case Studies in Resistance" (co-authored with Larry Cohen) in Transnational Cooperation Among Labor Unions,  edited by Michael Gordon and Lowell Turner (Cornell University Press, 2000); "The NYNEX Strike: A Case Study in Labor-Management Conflict Over Health Care Cost Shifting," in Proceedings of NYU Annual National Conference on Labor (Little, Brown &Co., 1991);  "Defending Workers' Rights in the Global Economy: The CWA Experience" (co-authored with Larry Cohen) in Which Direction For Organized Labor?  edited by Bruce Nissen (Wayne State University Press, 1999) and also reprinted in "Le Syndicalisme Dans La Mondialisation," edited by Annie Fouquet, Udo Rehfeldt, and Serge Le Roux (Les Editions de L'Atelier, Paris, 2000);, "Strike Lessons From The Last Twenty-Five Years"  in The Encyclopedia of Strikes," edited by Ben Day, Manny Ness, and Aaron Brenner  ( M.E. Sharpe, Inc., April, 2009); and "The Enduring Legacy & Contemporary Relevance of Labor Insurgency," in Rebel Rank-and-File: Labor Militancy and Revolt From Below During the 1970s, edited by Cal Winslow, Aaron Brenner, and Bob Brenner (forthcoming from Verso in 2009).


Early is currently working on a book for Cornell University Press on the role of Sixties' movement activists in American labor over the last four decades.


Early served for many years on the steering committee of Massachusetts Jobs with Justice and is a member of the editorial advisory committees for three independent labor publications--Labor Notes, New Labor Forum, and WorkingUSA.  He has been a frequent workshop or panel speaker at the annual Socialist Scholars (now Left Forum) Conferences in N.Y.C. and has taught classes for trade unionists at the Harvard Trade Union Program, Cornell ILR Extension Program, the George Meany Center, Penn State, and the Universities of Massachusetts, Maine, and Connecticut. He belongs to the National Writers Union/UAW and the United Association For Labor Education. Early is also a longtime supporter of Teamsters for a Democratic Union and the Association for Union Democracy.





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