William Minter: US Cold War with China — first stop, Equatorial Guinea

Right out of the playbook: hype the threat of a potential Chinese naval base facing the Atlantic, get more funding for military operations

William Minter: The United States is not a country

The US federal system is a patchwork of states and territories, municipal and local jurisdictions, each with its own laws and regulations. This complex map provides ample opportunities for shell games of “hide the money”

William Minter: Indigenous Movements Are Key to the Fight Against Fossil Fuels

The Biden administration and other governments may make climate pledges. But often it’s indigenous-led movements who will see that they’re kept

William Minter: The Green New Deal Must Be Global

For a planet-wide climate crisis, solutions must also span the planet

William Minter: To Fund African Development, Curb the Looting of African Wealth

Where does Africa’s stolen wealth end up? Among other places, Trump Tower

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