Category: Debate

Michael Albert: 3: Equitable, Negotiated, Classless Self Management

The third entry in an extended conversation/debate including Michael Albert and Yanis Varoufakis

Michael Albert: 1. Participatory Postcapitalist Vision – Michael Albert, 30th October 2021

Note: This is the opening entry in an ongoing debate between Michael Albert and Yanis Varoufakis titled: Envisioning a postcapitalism worth striving for. Each entry will be 500 words or less. Each will appear as a stand alone ZNet article, but each will link as well to a cumulative essay containing all the submissions at Read more…

Brian Dominick: Extensive Forum Thread on Consensus Decision Making

The primary participants are Brian Dominick and Michael Albert (also known as sysop). Brian Dominick gets the ball rolling… In another thread within this forum, I recently wrote: >>I do think consensus is most consistent with anarchist aims, when possible. I don’t think huge organizations can or should employ it. However, I do believe small Read more…

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