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Matthew Rozsa: Sit-down strikes revolutionized the labor movement — could it happen again?

At the height of American labor, seizing control of the means of production was a strategy — not just a slogan

David Rovics: Refugee Ancestors

Which forms of slaughter were your ancestors escaping?  And what forms of bondage did they find here?

David Swanson: Hiroshima Is A Lie

The myth of redemptive violence links directly with the centrality of the nation-state

Glenn Sacks: What Our Schools Actually Distort

As a whole, the texts and materials give students a very misleading picture of the US and its interactions with the world

Jill Richardson: What’s the Point of Studying History, If Not to Learn From the Past?

What parts of the ugly side of our history have we retained, even unintentionally? Understanding these lessons is the whole point of studying history

Walden Bello: The Lockean Roots of White Supremacy in the U.S.

How John Locke’s theory of property — and its racist exclusion of Black and Indigenous people — explains U.S. history from 1776 to January 6

Jason Stanley: Movie at the Ellipse: A Study in Fascist Propaganda

Scholars on the Nazis and anti-Semitism have seen this before

Nikos Raptis: Nazis, ‘Commies’, etc (Part 2 of 3)

The Nazi monstrosity gave birth to a unique positive development: the Nuremberg Tribunal, the idea that all the people of the entire planet should judge and punish the Nazi-type criminals

Andrew Latham: How 3 prior pandemics triggered massive societal shifts

Will the bumbling efforts of the open societies of the West to come to grips with the virus shattering already-wavering faith in liberal democracy, creating a space for other ideologies to evolve and metastasize?

Scott N: The War at Home – Rebellion

A history of class war in the U.S.

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