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Don Fitz: Democratic Production and the Workers’ Opposition of Revolutionary Russia

Every progressive group needs to vastly expand to practice of rotating the role of coordinators. This is what it means to develop a leadership which negates itself in the process of becoming

Adam Sanchez: What the Koch Brothers Want Students to Learn About Slavery

The political goal of these materials is to ensure students see racism and slavery as flaws in an otherwise spotless U.S. record, rather than woven into the fabric of our country from its inception

Harold Meyerson: The Fugitive Slave Act and Today’s Immigration Debate

The only “crime” that most undocumented immigrants have committed — and the only one that places them in federal legal jeopardy — is that of being undocumented

Kim Scipes: In the Shadows of the American Century

A review of In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of US Global Power, by Alfred W. McCoy

Lane Windham: Labor and the Long Seventies

In the tumultuous 1970s, women and people of color streamed into unions, strikes swept the country — and employers launched a fierce counter-attack

Rebecca Gordon: The 9/11 Hijackers Were Iraqis, Right?

Teaching in a Time of Wars

David Swanson: Yes, the United States Used Biowarfare on North Korea

That the United States protected and built on the work of Japanese war criminals is unwelcome information in the United States

Ursula Wolfe-Rocca: Disguising Imperialism

How Textbooks Get the Cold War Wrong and Dupe Students

Danny Sjursen: Roots in Religious Zealotry

The exceptionalism and chauvinistic Protestantism of the Massachusetts Puritans long influenced the American experiment

Robert Fisk: Acknowledging the facts of history

While Poland has decided to outlaw any claims that their countrymen participated in the extermination of the Jews, Israel continues to ignore the Armenian genocide

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