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Vijay Prashad: Fidel Castro – The Voice of the Third World

Fidel Castro was the mirror of Africa, Asia and Latin America’s aspirations

Duncan Campbell: Close But No Cigar: How America Failed to Kill Fidel Castro

From poison pills to exploding molluscs, the CIA and its allies tried everything to take out the Cuban leader

Stephen R. Thornton: Telling Local People’s History

Sometimes it’s not about discovering new stories but reinterpreting the history people think they know

Nicolas J.S. Davies: U.S. Impunity Erode’s World Justice

the United States that has played the leading role in preventing the ICC from fulfilling the universal mandate for which it was formed, to hold officials of all countries accountable for the worst crimes in the world: genocide; crimes against humanity; and war crimes

Linda Hirshman: To Resist a Trump Presidency, Ask: “What Would the Abolitionists Do?”

Resistance movements need the support of permanent infrastructure. And they must be willing to engage in the time-intensive and expensive organizing that actually changes minds and behavior

Medea Benjamin: Deconstructing Thanksgiving with Standing Rock

“Thanksgiving is a part of the mythology that attempts to cover up the real history of the United States”

Steven Rosenfeld: As Trump Builds His Authoritarian Presidency, Echoes of 1930s Germany and 1950s McCarthyism Abound

Domestic crackdowns. Militarism abroad?

Noam Chomsky: The crises of immigration

United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility 2016 Annual Guest Lecture Barcelona, Spain 5 November 2016 Pope Francis captured the essence of “crises of immigration” in simple words: “Migrants are not a danger — they are in danger.” The implication is clear. The crises of immigration are, in significant measure, moral crises in Read more…

Ramzy Baroud: Why Palestinians Want to Sue Britain: 99 Years since the Balfour Declaration

Palestinians will continue to resist, as long as the reasons that inspired their rebellion nearly a century ago, remain in place

Victor Grossman: Spain: Remembering sacrifice of the International Brigades

In one hurrying day, eighty years ago, in Albacete, a center of Spain’s La Mancha region, a few officers somehow created quarters for five hundred men arriving the following day, then five hundred more, and more. Soon three or four thousand, somehow organized in units despite a mad variety of languages, were issued a motley Read more…

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